Monday, May 28, 2007

Now I owe Manders $100

Manders: btw, I LOVE Enterprise
Manders: just watched 3 eps
Relic: lol!
Relic: i watched the last 2, just now
Relic: michael HATES the intro
Manders: I was so irritated they left off there
Manders: humph
Manders: the music is kinda hokey, reminds me of Firefly just a little
Relic: and i keep missing episodes so i have no idea what ever happened with the Xindi
Manders: Well I'm totally lost
Manders: lol
Relic: its a good song, and a good intro, if it wasn't for trek, it just doesnt fit
Manders: were those the engineered humans?
Relic: and the trek seasons are like $90 each
Manders: Yet another reason for me to join the masses of Netflixers
Relic: Xindi? no, its a race that had like 5 different varieties
Manders: ah
Relic: not even sure if im spelling it right
Manders: well I about freaked when I saw the guy that played Data on Enterprise
Relic: wait, what?
Manders: he basically played his creators predecessor
Relic: when was this?!
Manders: He was some Dr. who had engineered some people, those people went bad...
Manders: something about advanced ability leading to advanced ambition
Relic: in the episode i didnt watch tonight?
Manders: anyway at the end he's in a cell and starts talking about cybernetic lifeforms and how it may be worked out in a few generations from his
Manders: it was the first one I caught tonight
Relic: yeah
Manders: I watched something on the history channel last night about Trek
Manders: I can't believe NGen is 20 yrs old
Manders: wow
Relic: lol
Relic: yeah, that makes us feel old
Manders: they had a really cool special on about Star Wars tonight, explaining all the archetypes etc.
Manders: I felt all happy fangirl nerdy
Relic: michael was watching that when i woke up from my nap
Relic: michael just told me there is a "mod" for WoW that makes the player spout Firefly lines
Relic: he was excited
Manders: I love that nerds are so incestuous in their worship of all things SciFi
Manders: lol
Relic: i'm keeping that line.
Manders: *rakes in royalties*

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

4 days left in MO

I woke up this morning with a call from my brother's parole officer, saying I needed to come pick him up and bring him back to the parole office. I was confused. So she said I needed to pick him up from the parole office, take him to pack his stuff, and bring him back because he had done too much stuff since he's been on parole. I really thought they meant I had to drop him off at prison. I was freaked out. How on Earth did they expect me to keep him from running off? Don't they have cops or something for this stuff. I was still confused. I picked him up at the McDonald's, because I wasn't sure where the parole office was so he met me there. I was even more confused that they were letting him wander around, and I was a little worried that he had run off already. Turns out they are having him live at the parole house, not prison but he can only leave for 4 hours a day, to find work. It has been a stressful morning. Mom is understandably upset. At this point I'm not exactly tired, just weary and over-aware of why I haven't been home in 2 1/2 years. I love my family, but dealing with how they live their lives is tough. Its tough to know that throwing them every dollar I have will not solve their problems.

And now I've just read a glob from my husband saying he's going to go to Catholic Mass to get inspiration for a story he wants to write. I do NOT have it in me to deal with that, for crying out loud. *giant sigh*

Ok, lets get a bit more upbeat. Yesterday I played mini-golf at Cool Crest with Traci, her kids, Tammy and her man-thing. It was pretty fun. The course looks so much nicer than the last time I played there, of course that's probably been 5 years ago. I took a few pictures, which I'll post when I get home, promise. Then I had dinner at Cheddars with Lydia, Traci, Sarah and her muchkin, Tammy and her man-thing. I have missed Lydia and Sarah sooo much, and it was great to see them again. *big hugs* Then I went out with Traci, Tammy, Brynn, and Amanda, for a couple drinks. We had a good time together, although somehow we stayed on some depressing topics.

Is today Wednesday? I think so. Becky invited me to dinner at her house. Sounds good to me. Tomorrow should be Long Island Night, and Friday we're trying the Japanese steak/sushi place. MMMmm my favorite. Pirates3 on Saturday, leaving Sunday Afternoon. Oh! I need to order books. Can't go to class Tuesday without books. *Argh*

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Just remember that it is more fun to be tipsy and act drunk, than it is to actually be drunk.

I just wanted to say hi to the internets. HI!

There was a parade yesterday, so I went with Traci and her mini-people. It was fun, and I only got a little sunburned. Then some of us went bowling last night and got good and sloshy. It took us 3 hours to play 2 games. I won one, and Becky won the other. There will be pictures eventually, but since Dear Hubby took the battery charger for the camera with him to TN, I have to get the bowling pictures from Becky. In fact, she may have put them up on Facebook already. Go, go see! Tell me all about how goofy we look. Just remember that it is more fun to be tipsy and act drunk, than it is to actually be drunk.

Today is the UB reunion picnic, where I may or may not get to see some more people I know. I hope so, I missed them!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I just cannot fully describe how good it feels to be home. Just crossing the TX/OK border gave an instant feeling that everything was greener, fuller, beautiful. Driving through Kansas was amazing, and all you people who say Kansas is boring and flat can go stick their fingers in their eyes. I got South End's typical less than rosy welcome, and I know alot has changed. I just felt so strange driving into a hometown that I can't remember how to get around.

If I hadn't been driving, I would have taken pictures. Maybe Traci can drive the turnpike on the way back.

Oh man, how I dread going back to shabby Texass.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Halfway There: Let slip the sharks of love

Halfway There: Let slip the sharks of love

Evil Gymnastics Girls

They were selling baked goods outside the Hastings, and I spotted chocolate brownies. Contemplating the brownies, I spotted an identical container with chocolate frosting. Gymnastics Mommie said it was chocolate cake. I gave them all the cash in my pocket for a small chocolate cake. I carried it around the Hastings for 20 minutes while Michael tried to pick out a movie I didn't want to see. The anticipation was killing me.

Finally! Finally I get home and grab a plastic fork and opened my much-coveted chocolate cake. I dug the plastic fork through the chocolaty frosting and into the cake. The non-chocolate cake.

Evil Gymnastics Girls and their Lying Mommies, may they never eat chocolate again.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I would have been happy with Passing...

I'm still pretty sure its a typo, because There Is No Way I Did That.


This is me, crapping myself, because I GOT AN A IN CALCULUS1.

No Way, because the last time I got an A in math was 6 years ago, in High School. Ah well, it's amazing what quitting your mindless soul-sucking job will do for your grades. I might be cut out for this stuff after all. I'm going to go change my pants now.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Talkin' about the weather

So the weather here has been stuck in a kind of pattern for so long that I cannot remember what it was like before. It is as if every day is the same. Mostly overcast and cool but pleasant mornings (when I bother waking up that early), rainy afternoons, stormy evenings and nights. It is very green outside, and I feel as if I have already been magically transported far far away from the West Texas semi-desert.


I feel like I turned my head to the side and let my brains flow out onto the paper.

I'll be leaving for Traci's on Monday and Michael's leaving for TN on Sunday. We dropped off my car at Tom's Tire World for a checkup. I have no desire at all to be stranded on the side of the road with two small-uns. Hopefully the weather will be calm on the way up.

To Do Before Departing:
Print directions, clean out car.
Order books for the summer term and have them delivered by mail.
Buy new notebooks, pencils, etc.
Tell the office we'll both be gone for 2 weeks, possibly pay June's rent early.
Make sure the Cable bill is paid. It's the only one that isn't automatic. Or is it?
Clean the house. I won't have time when I get back.
Pack as little as possible, due to pending shopping spree!

To Do While Home:
New Hairdoooo!
Wardrobe Therapy
Party, have fun, etc. with family and friends
See Shrek3, Pirates3, 28 Weeks Later (maybe)

To Do back in Texass:
I actually had something to put here, but now I've forgotten...

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


When I put up the new site, I also started using Google Analytics. Hey, if I am going to talk to myself, I would at least like to be aware of the fact nobody is listening. It was making me sad though, that nobody even checked me out, followed the links I put for you. Ungrateful little bastiges. And I cried a little e-tear, until I realized I've seen Hubby check it at least twice in the last few days, and I've checked it too obviously there's no filter set at all so I should have seen about 4 hits a day. But no. So I checked out with GA, and it says it's getting data, bla bla bla [this long post is me avoiding studying, can't you tell?] bla... but I decided not to believe it and checked the code on blogger, and there's nothing, so I put it back. Wonder how that happened?

Anywhoo...its getting awful lonely without you folks talking to me, and I need your e-love to get me through the day...*shiny puppy-eyes*

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Feminism at The Onion

Top 9 Euphemisms for Menstruation from The Onion
My Favorites are:
4- Falling to the Communists
9-Its "that time of the month" where "I'm not at my best" because "my vagina is bleeding."

Monday, May 7, 2007

More Bad Weather

My family tells me there is flooding in MO and KS today. Rosendale is under 22 feet of the 102 River. Typical. The NOAA and are reporting more heavy rain, thunderstorms, possibility of tornadoes on the way. I hope everyone at home rides out the bad weather safely.

Flash Flood Watch
Flood Warning
Hazardous Weather Outlook
Tornado Watch

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hurts to Type

I have somehow damaged my knuckle. The one for my pointer finger on my right hand. I cannot grasp anything, and it hurts to type. It also hurts if I forget and let it fall into whatever position to rest. I had a baggie of frozen cranberries on it to reduce the swelling, plus some OTC pain pills. I found earlier today that I can do things like pour from a pitcher of tea, as long as I lift the pointer finger and don't use it at all. Last night I thought it was something in the joint between fingers, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

The pain is probably from a combination of factors. I had a hard time supporting myself in a yoga pose on Thursday. I created a new blog and copied 75 posts on...Friday? Also, I have a bad habit of sleeping on my side with my hand under my head.

Oh, last night while Michael was playing a movie, I finished reading a Dr. Who book. It was very good. Unfortunately I ended up awake until 2:00am, and didn't wake until about 1:00pm. Not a productive weekend at all. I feel like crud.

Tasty Day

Someone recently described the contents of my favorite bottle as smelling like industrial cleaner. It is a very strong wine, my Port, and I love it so. Michael doesn't like the smell of any kind of wine, and Port is concentrated wine fragrance. So he hates it too. I drink it alone. So sad.

The severe thunderstorm laced with tornadoes is just West of here, travelling North, and Star Trek Tech is on TV.

Enough things are right in my world, for today.

Saturday, May 5, 2007


Not to be all self-centered, but I haven't been home in over 2 years. So I really want to spend time with my friends and family. Traci and I are driving up on the 15th or 16th of May, and starting our return to dreaded Texas on the 28th.

If you want to hang out, but your work schedule will be tight, let me know what days you're free. Manders has offered me her spare bed to crash, so I'll be in St. Joe mostly after all that exhausting shopping and partying. *Big Thanks!*

I'm trying to plan a get-together with all the Upward Bound buddies sometime. Let me know if you're interested.


I am now very tired, and I have spent the entire day on my butt. This is post #75 on the new site. I picked up every slightly meaningful post from 30 Nov 2005 to 31 Mar 06, which is where I previously left off saving links.

These are some titles that I thought were safe, but were not:

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Thank you screw, for screwing up my day :) Monday, August 15, 2005
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HAPPY TURKEY DAY! Friday, November 25, 2005

Then I started at present and worked my way backwards through April. I made myself stop there for tonight, because at this point I must sleep. Michael's wants to see Spiderman 3 tomorrow, and I want to catch an early (cheaper, shorter lines) showing.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

A Little Diversion

I like the feel of stormy days. Its been dark for awhile, so that it feels later than it is.

The worst of the storm has passed this area. Michael called me from work saying there was a tornado spotted in town. The news out of San Angelo and Abilene both reported alot of stuff, but not that. I took the storm seriously enough anyway. Threw a pillow in the master bathtub, moved his laptop to the back closet. The bathroom is the only windowless room with no mirror and is as close as possible to the center of our building, given that we have a second-floor apartment.

I just have to wonder why houses in this area have no basements or anything. Craziness and stupidity. They also make themselves very vulnerable to flash flooding because there are no storm drains at all.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


BLAT: Bacon, Lettuce (baby greens), Avacado, Tomato. Pretty sure there was some mayo or something in there too. Really hit the spot.

Also, I'm watching Judging Amy, and the sound went out. In 5 minutes they might get around to the beeping. Oh wait. The alert is so quiet i have to turn the sound way up just to hear that they are saying anything. I heard the word tornado. I'll have to check Damn Texas.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Punishments and Rewards

We got our tests back today. I got a 93%! So I might not be a complete failure after all. So I rewarded myself with a piece of blueberry pie after my ham sandwich for lunch. I say 'reward' despite the fact that I had a piece of the same blueberry pie last night after dinner, with a fair dollop of frozen yogurt on the side.

You will not deny me PIE.

As punishment for this reward, my heartburn has returned with full force. It wasn't helped by the Pilates session I just returned from, or the heartburn meds I took beforehand. Who would've thought that laying balanced on your stomach would force tummy acids up your esophagus. I'm so sore and miserable right now, that I don't give half a damn if I spelled espohogus correctly, or even stomach.

So there.

It stormed and rained here the last couple of days, so today has been unusually muggy for West Texass. 62% Humidity. More of the same all this week.