Saturday, October 25, 2008

True Face

While relaxing just now, it occurred to me that I scrunch my face sometimes while sleeping. This led me to imagine what someone would think if they saw me sleeping with a scrunched up face. (vain, yes?) Would it look angry, afraid, worried, or maybe helpless?

Suddenly I recalled part of a story I read once. It went that two potential lovers would first meet nightly for 6 days, each taking turns sleeping while the other watched. They were watching for their lover's "true face" to be revealed, which supposedly happens while deeply sleeping. If they didn't like the "true face" they saw, they could leave immediately and the relationship/marriage was off. If, after the nights were up, they didn't see their lover's "true face," they could also leave.

Does anybody know what story is this from? Is this maybe some culture's actual marriage ritual that I heard somewhere? Am I, in fact, a total dork?

***Obvious Update****
I am, in fact, a total dork.

Its from one of my favorite shows, of course: Babylon 5. I got a few of the details wrong. Delenn herself explains it better:

Delenn (to Sheridan): You see, when Minbari become close as we have become is tradition that they spend three nights together. The male sleeps and the female watches.

Sheridan: Watches what?

Delenn: During the day, we all put on the face we think will do us the most good. But at a certain point in your sleep,as you relax, your true face is revealed. If the female approves of his true face, she will stay two more nights and continue to observe.

Sheridan: What if she doesn't like what she sees?

Delenn: Then they go their separate ways. If he insists she stay one more night, she can leave when he falls asleep, file a complaint with the Elders,even cut off his....His access to her family.

Sheridan: What if she does like what she sees?

Delenn: Later. History awaits.

Delenn (voice): Yes?

John: It's me. I heard you wanted to see me. I was just on my way to --- Delenn? [as he fails to see her]

The bedroom door slides open and Delenn strikes a vamp pose against the frame. She's wearing the little black dress again --- the occasion calls for a seductive air. John looks unsure of himself as she steps forward with a little smile.

Delenn: Where did you say you were going?

John: I was --- I was just going to --- nowhere that can't wait for a little while. [Pause.] Is there some occasion I should know about?

Delenn: No. I just thought when I finish getting ready, you could join me for dinner. We haven't gone out for dinner in a very long time. It, uh --- also occurred to me --- as I told you, it is tradition for Minbari to spend three nights together. The female...

John:, and the male sleeps until his true face is revealed, I know. [Steps closer.] Whatever you see in a face mashed against a pillow and drooling, I don't know, but I try not to be judgmental about alien cultures --- when they are dressed like that! [Delenn's laugh and smile light up the room.] But what does this have to do with, um...

Delenn: Our first night together was on the White Star. Our second, in your quarters before you left for Z'ha'dum. If we're going to be complete, you owe me a third night.

John [thinking]: Tonight? [She nods.] That's --- that's going to be a bad time. I've got late meetings.

Delenn [smiling]: I can wait.

John: Something is up, isn't it?

She can't avoid it. She'd been hoping to leave this part for later, but it has to come out now. She steps away, turning so that her face won't betray her emotions.

Delenn: I'm going back to Minbar --- tomorrow. I may be there for some time.

John: I --- Anything serious? If I can help, I...

Delenn: No, no. Just some old business I must attend to. But it may, uh, take me away from here for some time. [Her hands clutch over her heart --- out of John's view.] It matters to me a great deal that we finish this, John.

John [steps up behind her, gently touching her arms]: All right. I'll, um --- be here at seven for dinner. [He catches the look on her face, and his own face echoes the worry.] I'll, uh, see you then.


The End: A scarecrow, a magpie and treason.

I've also been watching these sceery Halloween-themed stories:

Better Zombies Through Physics
Join us for chills, thrills, and pulse-pounding scientific breakthroughs as we embark on a tour of the Quantum Zombie, Inc. facility, courtesy of a guy who bears a striking resemblance to famed scientist and cat-lover Erwin Schrödinger. Hijinks, hilarity, and an abundance of felines await you in's newest comic strip.

ONE BLOODY THING AFTER ANOTHER is a serialized horror story, written by Joey Comeau, illustrated by Emily Horne, who are also the creators of A Softer World. The final chapter (chapter 8) will be released on Halloween night, 2008. [Warning for people who like cuddly babies and kittens....this one is disturbing]

Red Meat Comics
This one isn't specifically Halloween-themed, but more a randomness that often crosses the line of creepiness. I do love it so very much.

Pardon me, while I whine.

I had a test yesterday, so I was up studying, but not too late.

I woke up sore and tired, and was really sore after riding my bike to school. Between classes, I bought coffee...oops, where's my debit card? Oh well, I have change... After the test, I started feeling faint and feverish while standing and doing a lab. When I rode home, I was completely zoned out and cranky. One glass of wine later, I was bundled up in bed, and my muscles finally relaxed enough so I could sleep for a few hours and sweat it out. That's my usual routine when I'm feverish.

I woke up because I got a call from an old coworker friend who asked if I had lost my ID's. What? Fuck! Some nice person turned them in to the police, and they called the base which oddly still had my old work number on file. I'm lucky they got ahold of someone who knew my cell, because I would not have even known my stack of cards were missing. They fell out of my back pocket while I was riding to school that morning. The 3 ID's were found, but they are stuck in the police evidence locker until Monday. The debit card is still missing.

My bank account didn't have any new transactions on it, and I was going to drive my route and see if the card fell out at a different place from the others. First, I thought I'd do the responsible thing and call my bank, to double check that there were no new transactions, that the "nice" person who turned in my ID's wasn't out giving his buddies free gas on my dime. Before I could get a word in edgewise, my card was canceled (NOTE TO BANK GUY: LAY OFF THE CAFFEINE AND BREATHE A MINUTE!!!)!

Now I have no way to access my monies, until I can get my cards out of jail. *pouts*

I was going to bake this weekend: Pumpkin Cheesecake, Chocolate Chunk Cappuccino Almond Cookies, and Macadamia and White Chocolate Cookies. *pouts*

Ok, I'm done pouting. I guess I can use the time this weekend to clean my house without re-dirtying it the same day, and studying for my Modern test.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mine is an evil laugh!

I put together my schedule for the spring semester, and HOLY COW there is a light at the end of the tunnel. After spring, I'll only have 4 physics courses remaining, which is 13 credit hours. I still need 6 hours for my English minor, and maybe geology, but still:


*descends into evil cackling*

My "fun" in college involves drinking excessive amounts of coffee...can you tell?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Low Iron

So I went to donate blood this week, and was turned down for low iron. I descended upon the grocery store to get foods high in iron, but by the labels I did not get enough. So I proceeded to the supplement section, and it was right at the pharmacy counter. The pharmacist insisted on being helpful, even though I only planned on getting one of the Centrum or 1-a-Day multivitamins. I left with two bottles (bogo) of pre-natal vitamins. Huh, ok, I guess*.

I just looked up the symptoms of low iron...and well now many things that I thought were a result of being crazy busy with school and slightly wacky in the head are clearly both real and serious. Glad I got the vitamins.

  • Fatigue
  • Listlessness, weakness, decreased work productivity
  • Impaired learning and cognitive function
  • Poor memory
  • Decreased attention span and increased distractibility
  • Impaired reactivity and coordination
  • Irritability
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty swallowing (because low iron may cause a thin membrane to grow across the esophagus)
  • Night time leg cramps
  • Skin itching
  • Sore tongue
  • Heart palpitations on exertion
  • Shortness of breath
  • Cold extremities, with decreased resistance to cold and poor regulation of body temperature
  • Tendency to recurrent infections
  • Numbness & tingling
  • Vague gastrointestinal symptoms: belching, gas, nausea

*I'm not actually this apathetic about my health, his reasoning made sense.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life, School, and Food

Things are stressful but proceeding roughly according to The Current Plan 2007-2010(c).

I read a comic today (Zits, I think) and the kid said:
"The only thing that bothers me about school is that its so...well...DAILY." I think that's where I am right now. I'm at school from 8am to 6pm some days, plus homework.

Today I went to donate blood and was told I had too low iron, which really brought home that I am not eating as well as I should: too much quickie cafeteria food and coffee. I went and bought some real food.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hi, its me.

It occurred to me that its been ages since I posted an actual blog, not some link or photo thing.

HI! I bet you missed me. Right....

College is kicking my ass, but I'm fighting back. I'm continuing to ride my bike everywhere, which at this point consists of the 4 miles to school and back and the mile or less to the coffee shop nearly every day. I'm healthy, save for a filling that might be chipped and a nagging need to sneeze alot. Who knows why. Money was/is tight, but it will be better now that MGIB went up again this last month. I'm happy to not be in a position to lose a mortgage or anything right now, and this rental apartment is pretty stable. I even had enough (uh...hopefully...) to buy some new clothes last week. I have zero love life, feel free to decide for yourself if that goes on the plus or minus column right now, because I think I could care less.

Rigel is spunky and sweet mostly. As always, I wish I could spend more time with him. I spent the weekend in Big Spring, TX with Janae and her family/friends; it was a nice change of pace to get out of Turd Burp and meet new peoples.

I'm looking forward to Halloween and Thanksgiving, because I haven't baked anything from scratch in nearly forever.

I think that really is it. Exciting, huh?

I'm hungry....*wanders off*

Knitted to Death!

These are ADORABLE and HILARIOUS knitted critters made by Patricia Waller.

Check out the whole gallery. Yes, I could have put up comments on everyone's myspace, but that's just not my style, and it would have taken longer. Just love me for who I am, m'kay?

Caution: Some of them are not exactly safe for certain innocent minds, especially that last one, ehehehehehe!

For Lydia: Crossing Wonderland (Frog Prince) <---Totally safe
For Becky: Crossing Wonderland (Unicorn)
For Amanda: How to Kill Your First Love (Duck)
For Troy: Rabbits [all three of those crack me up!]
For Traci: Domestic Help<--Totally safe

This one's for ME! Aliens (Space Couple)

And, psstt....
( )_( )

Bunnies RULE THE EARTH!!!!