Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Women in Physics: Ours Are Bigger

Female Student #1: You guys got a raise, why didn't I get a raise??!

Clueless Male Students: Because minimum wage for men increased, women don't get raises. *har har har*

Female Professor is not amused.

Clueless Male Students: You know we're just joking, you guys got equality, quit complaining!! You don't see me playing the race card every time, quit playing the sex card, gosh!

Female Professor: Oh really buddy? You play all the cards you've got, I guarantee I've got a bigger deck.

Female Student #2: *uncontrollable laughter*

Clueless Male Students: *oblivious* / *stunned speechless*

Well played, Dr. S, well played.

*Yawn* *Stretch* Oh, Hi!

This blog is still a blog, eh? How about that!?

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