Thursday, January 5, 2006

Long Bridges Are Bad

You would think I would know better than to eat dinner at the Chinese buffet. It made me feel all lousy about eating too much food that wasn't really good for me, and now I'm starving again.

Also, today, there was the longest damn bridge ever. I thought it would never end and I was sooo scared. I hate bridges, and I hate driving.
I thought I was gonna go flying off the side into the scary water! Eeek!

This hotel is nicer than the last one. It's got the same shower curtain rod, that curves out all neat. Now I want one. And the coffeemaker isn't in the bathroom. I get more channels. I hope the one tomorrow has Sci-fi, so I can catch SG1 and BSG.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

A Bit Nutty

OK, I have a... i dunno what its called. Aversion? Anyway I cannot stand food being anywhere near the bathroom, or food and bathroom stuff being close together (like in a grocery bag).

So if a hotel room doesn't have a kitchenette, they usually put the coffeemaker on the bathroom counter. Then I come in, clean it, and move it to the nightstand, because that's just nasty. Think Austin Powers *a bit nutty*. Well this hotel has attached the power cable to the counter, so I can't move it. So no coffee for me.

Oh, and Letterman nailed Bill O'Reily on his show last night. It's been on the news all afternoon. Just too damn good to miss.

So sad, so true

Never start a road trip in the dark, to a place you've never been.
I got lost bad, and I really hadn't left town yet. Let's not dwell on that little tidbit. I'm driving around, and I'm lost because I can't see any of the damn signs. OK, I don't drive much, and hardly ever in the dark. I forgot to turn on the high-beams. This point didn't dawn on me until the sky was brightening with sunrise. Let's not dwell there either.

Dawn: So my first thought was 'Ohh look, pretty sunrise!' I then realized I would be driving East in the morning for the next 3 days. My next full thought was "My sunglasses are in Michael's car." Well shit. I've never been more grateful of cloud cover.

Eh, okay, so you know I'm not much of a driver. My arms hurt. I spent most of the morning with a death grip on my steering wheel. Yes I know this isn't the best way to drive, but mortal fear does that.

Oh damn! I got my directions from, and somehow it showed 5.8 (short little jaunt) miles for one part, and it was really about 50 (five-zero, fifty, half a hundred) So I thought I was crazy lost around Austin, but I just kept going. TX-71E was my guiding light. I was so frustrated. I could have ended up anywhere.

I had the Firefly soundtrack playing in the background, because I focus better with songs that have no words. I forgot about all the SUDDEN LOUD SOUNDS and I was trying to find a turn. Scared the piddle outta me. Oh, and when I'm lost, the mournful music doesn't really help my outlook.

But anyways, I made it through today and plan on some rest...IF I manage to not spend all night online....yeah right.

OH hey also, my friend Sarah P., who I haven't talked to in years emailed me today. HI SARAH!

AND I love my Michael Jones, and I misses him so muches.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Leaving for Florida

Original: January 3, 2006 - Tuesday

In 1814 We Took a Little Trip...
I mean in 2006... lalalalaaaaa (I sing so purdy)

If I didn't get a chance to send you a wave before I leave, I'll talk to ya later. Hope the hotels have internet. I like internet.

Ohhh ... I should print the directions. I woulda been so humped. Thanks for reminding me.