Wednesday, January 4, 2006

So sad, so true

Never start a road trip in the dark, to a place you've never been.
I got lost bad, and I really hadn't left town yet. Let's not dwell on that little tidbit. I'm driving around, and I'm lost because I can't see any of the damn signs. OK, I don't drive much, and hardly ever in the dark. I forgot to turn on the high-beams. This point didn't dawn on me until the sky was brightening with sunrise. Let's not dwell there either.

Dawn: So my first thought was 'Ohh look, pretty sunrise!' I then realized I would be driving East in the morning for the next 3 days. My next full thought was "My sunglasses are in Michael's car." Well shit. I've never been more grateful of cloud cover.

Eh, okay, so you know I'm not much of a driver. My arms hurt. I spent most of the morning with a death grip on my steering wheel. Yes I know this isn't the best way to drive, but mortal fear does that.

Oh damn! I got my directions from, and somehow it showed 5.8 (short little jaunt) miles for one part, and it was really about 50 (five-zero, fifty, half a hundred) So I thought I was crazy lost around Austin, but I just kept going. TX-71E was my guiding light. I was so frustrated. I could have ended up anywhere.

I had the Firefly soundtrack playing in the background, because I focus better with songs that have no words. I forgot about all the SUDDEN LOUD SOUNDS and I was trying to find a turn. Scared the piddle outta me. Oh, and when I'm lost, the mournful music doesn't really help my outlook.

But anyways, I made it through today and plan on some rest...IF I manage to not spend all night online....yeah right.

OH hey also, my friend Sarah P., who I haven't talked to in years emailed me today. HI SARAH!

AND I love my Michael Jones, and I misses him so muches.

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