Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Jackalopes are REAL??!!
And Wake Island is real too, but not for long.

I read most of this last night before I went to bed. Thought provoking.

I didn't agree to any of this.

English 1302 Writing Across the Curriculum means Writing RESEARCH PAPERS Across the Curriculum. (fuck) Anyone have a good idea for a research topic? No controversial topics, no politics or religion. Good thing, I hate those topics. But I still have to pick something. (Damn)

Oh, and in case you didn't know. Work still sucks donkey balls. But I am #1 on the CJR waiting list. Some of you know what that means. It feels alot like getting socks for x-mas, I feel like I should donate them to charity.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Curiosity Hurts

Okay, don't ask why. I was trying to figure out why, for crying out loud, is our state motto Show Me? I mean, it just sounds wrong. So, whatever, I look it up. Some senator who was all about common sense and seeing proof of whatever. Unimportant. Then I get really stupid, I look up "Missouri" in myspace music. Why? Don't ask. Just don't...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006



My list of blog readers is sadly very small. Since I keep most of my friends down to those know me in 'real' life, my little space on the internet is to keep up with all of you.

Please subscribe to my bloggy.

Also, my legs itch and I dont know why. If I have angered you, my friends, please lift the curse. Really, I didn't mean to..


I'm really tired of being forced to be responsible for things I barely understand. I'm especially tired of two-faced individuals. Its all beginning to piss me off...

There were some countdowns here, but the code messed up my page. They just counted down to my separation from the AF.

Oh, I did manage to get into that Writing Across the Curriculum class, so the semester isn't a total loss.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Feasting on Asphalt

Its been a slow day. I didn't wake up until after noon. Hubby went to some gaming party. So I've been surfing, watching tv. So I'm watching Feasting on Asphalt on Food Network. My LOL moment of the day? Alton Brown is auctioning a shirt from the show and says "its autographed, which means you can sell it tonight on ebay to my mom for $1000."

Eh. I'm going back to days starting Monday, which means I really can't take any classes. I could take an english class in the afternoon, but there are only 3 seats left on Friday. It'll probably be full by time I can make it to the registration office. This sucks. I realized earlier this week that I would have 3 months terminal leave from work next year, so I can take a full course load next fall. Small consolation I guess. *sigh*

Monday, August 7, 2006

Babylon 5

Okay, so I'm obviously not doing my homework, and YOU can't make me.

I have NEWS! of JMS producing new episodes of B5!
*Squee fangirl, squee!!!*

Photo Agony

What happens when your hobby becomes your nightmare???
All I needed was for this picture to fit in the frames of the box I bought. It isn't working. I still like the images, but the box is pissing me off, and I only have so much x-large photo paper to waste.

I title this one: Look at the Hair!!! Mwahahahah!!!

Free Image Hosting at

The Funeral

I keep saying I will post on this, so I guess I should. Its not like I have studying to do or anything.

Since I was very young, I had a perfectly distinct memory of attending a funeral. Many of the details have faded with time. Here is what I remember now. I walked in with my mother, into a room that was almost as skinny as a hallway. Approximately the width of a person's height, because there was just room for the casket at one end. As you walk in, the room is divided in half by the door, casket on the left. On the right-side, the room ended with white posts, strait across. As if people could peek in, without entering the door. The chairs were along each wall, facing inward. Mom had me sit in a chair to the right of the room, while she went to view the deceased. I remember looking at the wallpaper(obviously not the same pattern, but similar idea) bordering the ceiling. I remember the frilly little dress I was wearing, with the ribbon woven through the waist. I remember Mom asking if I wanted to go up and say goodbye.

Several years later, our family piled into the minivan and headed for some town North of St. Joe, to attend the funeral of a man who (to me) was a distant relative. I don't remember who. Someone mentioned offhand that this would be my first funeral. Obviously they had forgotten that I attended the one so long ago?? I insisted. My mother was certain. I described every detail. Do you remember Mom?? You finish the story.

Of course, maybe she was just screwing with me. She's like that sometimes.

Well, Mom is no fun. She's gonna pretend she never said that that was a perfect description of a funeral SHE attended when SHE was little BEFORE I was born. That's what she said in the van that day. But now? No fun. Maybe she's just pissy because I posted those pictures of HER HAIR the other day.

The Link Collector

I took most of the week off to study for finals. I've felt like crap all weekend. I had a little wine on Saturday, which probably didn't help things. I felt better for a few hours though. I might make an appointment tomorrow. Maybe. Probably not. Oddly, right now is the best I've felt in a few weeks. I know I'm not better, but its still pretty good.

We saw two movies on Saturday too. Talladega Nights, and Descent. I had low hopes for Talladega Nights, and high hopes for Descent. I was pleasantly entertained, for the most part, on TN. Descent was disappointing. Predictable: I knew who had to survive, who would die, from the first 10 minutes. Over-gory: not that I'm opposed, but gory doesn't make a movie good. Also, most of the screen was black/dark for most of the movie.

Next time I'm going to watch the first 20 minutes of a movie, and then write what I think will happen, and have everyone confirm it when its over.

Yet another reason to avoid cats
So they can't infect you with the cat-loving brain disease.
(You like cats? So do I! We should trade recipes some time!)

Legalized Extortion
Some people need to be destroyed.

How to totally fake being a geek
In which I find a blurred reflection of myself.

Friday, August 4, 2006

BSG Season 3!

Battlestar Galactica

The first 12 names and dates

1. Occupation 10/6/2006
2. Precipice 10/6/2006
Back to back episodes!

3. Exodus, Part 1 10/13/2006
4. Exodus, Part 2 10/20/2006
5. Collaborators 10/27/2006
6.Torn (1) 11/3/2006
7. A Measure of Salvation (2) 11/10/2006
8. Hero 11/17/2006
9. Unfinished Business 11/24/2006
10. The Passage 12/1/2006
11. The Eye of Jupiter (1) 12/8/2006

4 Week Break...
12. Rapture (2) 1/5/2007