Wednesday, November 3, 2010

*checks couch cushions*

In just two short (short) months I have to graduate from college, say goodbye to several people I have grown quite attached to, move my entire self (plus parrot) from Texas to Florida, find a place to live, get my textbooks, and start graduate school.

Oh, and also find the money to do it all.

Maybe there is a giant jar of cash hidden in my closet. Perhaps I have an aging distant relative, wealthy and wistful about the value of higher education (also hiding among my twenty ten gallon totes).

Ok, fine. I'll just sell all my stuff.

It isn't worth much?

Oh. Well. Damn.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Things I love from The Internet Today

From Shakesville....because that's pretty much all I read anymore. So just consider this a public file cabinet. I tried coming up with witty and interesting commentary, but damn if these folks can't put it just right every time. Short me: THIS! LIKE! AGREE!

"I am so glad this did happen in case another one of my friends ever gets beat up again and im serious about that."

I hate the phrase "politically correct," which has just become a phrase used to (unsuccessfully) mask a sneering contempt for basic decency. If you're someone who has the nerve to suggest that marginalized people should be treated with dignity and respect, you're "politically correct," which not only disdains the fundamental kindness of acknowledging another person's, or one's own, agency and humanity, but also implicitly suggests that you aren't principled: You don't believe that shit; you're just being politically correct.

(quote from
I find it incomprehensible how politicians like O’Donnell talk a big game about freedom and liberty, while out the other sides of their mouths seem to be calling for the imposition of medieval sexual morality, if not in law, in what is to be seen as proper behavior for “good people”. Even more incomprehensible to me is the fact that people buy into it. If we truly live in a free country, then as consenting adults, we are free to do as we will with regard to our own bodies. Perhaps sensing this internal inconsistency, they will often attempt to frame these moralizations into arguments about how “sexual deviance” is the root of all our social and political problems; thus making public problems out of our private lives.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Life is hovering a significant amount closer to the ground. I got in to Graduate School!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hold Music

My social life is pathetic. My sleep is horrid. I spend all my time knowing I should be sleeping or studying, wishing I were out having fun, and doing nothing at all.

And the weather is beautiful, damn beautiful, for this brief moment between 'seasons.' What do I do with that? Sit outside alone? Go for a walk alone?

With no word from schools, everything in my life is paused, expectant, waiting for disappointment. On hold... beepbeepbeep... beepbeepbeep...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Women in Physics: Ours Are Bigger

Female Student #1: You guys got a raise, why didn't I get a raise??!

Clueless Male Students: Because minimum wage for men increased, women don't get raises. *har har har*

Female Professor is not amused.

Clueless Male Students: You know we're just joking, you guys got equality, quit complaining!! You don't see me playing the race card every time, quit playing the sex card, gosh!

Female Professor: Oh really buddy? You play all the cards you've got, I guarantee I've got a bigger deck.

Female Student #2: *uncontrollable laughter*

Clueless Male Students: *oblivious* / *stunned speechless*

Well played, Dr. S, well played.

*Yawn* *Stretch* Oh, Hi!

This blog is still a blog, eh? How about that!?

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