Friday, March 31, 2006


Ok, because of the coffee I didn't sleep until at least 230 this morning. I was tired and bitchy all day. Get over it. Then we were released from work early, at like 3pm. So I came back to the apartment and set my alarm for 5pm and took a nice nap. Now I have that fuzzy numb feeling from sleeping in the daytime for only a few hours. My coworker's birthday is tonight and we are all going to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.

Since I'm waiting for it to be time for dinner, I guess I should relay my ups and downs today. Well, maybe just the downs because its kinda hard to type. In fact it's really hard to type without my right index finger, since I was taught to type correctly using home row and all that junk. I was setting down several large Dell desktops into the little electric vehicle we use for moving stuff like that. As I sat one down, I let it into a controlled slip for the last couple inches. A thin metal thingy in the back sliced a nice clean cut into my finger. Don't get me wrong, I can still type faster than most people I know :P

Lately I have had minor injuries nearly every day at work. This sucks. Two days ago the wire cart scraped my wrist just below my thumb on my right hand, so I have two bandaids on one hand. Last week, a laptop drive bay sliced clean into my left thumb just under the nail. I trip over everything, bump into things all the time, and have to prop computers up onto my thigh while picking them up. So I have bruises everywhere and my coworkers are generally sick of me.

Gah, but I'm sick of them today anyway. The one thing I want to do while stuck in Florida is visit Kennedy Space Center again. So I asked a couple people and they sounded really interested. It ended up pretty much everyone is invited, which is really cool because I don't want to go by myself. But then there's this one girl who completely takes control of it all and insists we have to go this weekend, starts hassleing everyone to agree with her even though half want to go next weekend. Then a couple people's feelings get hurt because they are basically being left out since they can't go and really want to. So finally I said I would go both weekends if they want, because I'm pretty sure I won't see everything in a single visit. It all just made me not even want to go because she was making it not fun anymore. She has to make everything a confrontation and have it all her way, she took over my fucking trip and now I don't want to go.

It doesn't help that I got 1 1/2 hours of sleep last night.

I am now extremely hungry and tired at the same time. Is it dinnertime yet?

***Update 10:19Pm
Bellyache so full shrimp angel hair pasta toblerone swisse almonde cheesecake sleepy sad for the loverman misses him please call me.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Once Again, Fat and Happy

MMMMm coookies.

So, one of the people I work with is having her birthday tomorrow and I decided to bake the cookies she's been asking for. I made classic peanut butter criss-crosses. Except, and you may know this about me already, I did not exactly follow the recipe. I've developed an obsession lately for cooking with honey instead of granulated sugar. It's kinda working out. I have to add more flour because the honey makes the batter a bit too runny, but after that they turned out great.

I work with this other girl who hasn't ever baked cookies before, so she came over to help out and hang out. And she also brought her little chihuahua dog. Very cute, for a dog anyway. ;)

My roomate won't stop talking to me...I don't care...please stop...

I'm drinking coffee before bed, I'm never going to sleep tonight.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Another Workout Video I Hate

This is me feeling sorry for myself, and slightly pissed at myself, and generally worthless.

Ugh, workout videos.

I watched this one before trying it, and it seemed soooo easy. I have no coordination. I quit at the nine-minute mark in the video, but I think I got the full 15 minute workout. I replayed the warm up twice, the second section once, and then I started all over again because I was still tripping over myself. I finally gave up when I could barely restrain myself from screaming at the top of my lungs. It seemed so much easier than the other one yesterday, but its not. Maybe it was that since I had watched this one and knew what was coming up, I felt like I should at least be able to do it without falling over.

This is why I don't play sports. I am uncoordinated, and I hate feeling like a piece of turd even in the privacy of my own room. I recall throwing a hockey stick across the gym in the 4th grade. Klutzes with low self-esteem should not be made to play sports. Ever. If you want your face to still look like that afterwards.
Ugh, sports people.

I'm going to sit my fat self on the couch and eat a piece of cheesecake.
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Dance Off the Inches - 15 Minute Express
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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Old Photo

I just wanted to share this photo. I came across it while trying to find something to use my new software on. This one isn't edited:

Free Image Hosting at

I think its funny because there is spray-snow on the window, a Halloween potholder on the wall, and I think my cousin Ben and I are decorating Easter Eggs. **Mom says they're X-mas candy. Uh huh, whatever.

Monday, March 27, 2006

So yeah that sucked...

I'm trying to stay in shape...or get in shape...

I have my problem areas, thick arms, big belly, thick thighs...ok I basically am a problem area.

So I bought a couple workout videos, and did one for arms today. Why? Because I want some ageless bimbo with no fat on her body to tell me 'you can do it'. Because I want to pout and wine for the entire thing because she refers to her arms as 'front' and 'rear' instead of RIGHT AND LEFT YOU FUCKING WHORE!

Deep breath now...and streach......bring it down now...good job.

My arms hurt.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I was at the gas station this morning getting my coffee and breakfast, and there was a guy there switching out the fresh flowers for the day. He gave me one! He said that it was old from yesterday so they can't sell them.

It's so pretty, a white rose airbrushed with purple and sparkles.

*I used to blog from work. I would also go to that gas station almost every morning for coffe and a breakfast biscuit. I had to be there before 0600. Those were NOT the days...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Best. Birthday. Ever.

I had a really awesome birthday today. Everyone was so nice at work, haha everyone kept telling me "don't do that, its your birthday" "dont sweep the floor on your birthday" and "why are you even here?" hehehe. I got hugs. Michael called me at work. He remembered!!! So proud of my sweet boy.

I got about 6 people to have dinner with me at PF Chang's, but there was a 1 1/2 hour wait, so we tried this Mitchell's Seafood and Bar or something. All I know is it was just a neat experience. We sat in the lounge and I saw there was a piano, how cool. Then someone started playing it!!! How cool is that??!!! I had my birthday dinner to piano music! Then there was the food....ahh the nummy food. Lobster Bisque. Shrimp. And Volcano Java Jive, with candles. And did I mention the piano? There was a guy playing piano. He played the song from the old Willie Wonka movie, "In a world of pure imagination...." Chocolate Martini. And a PIANO!

Amy should be an detective. She saw the pic on my background and started asking questions like...would you ever print it and frame it? Oh yeah, what size do you think? I think silver frame would go nice, don't you think? Hahaha she got me a nice silver frame for my picture. Someone else paid for my dinner, which had to be alot since I'm about to burst at the seams. How sweet are these people?

We decided to skip the movie, since we are all tired and full and have to work tomorrow. Goodnight all. And thank you all my myspace friends who wished my a happy birthday. And thank you Mommy for being my Mommy.

~Sweet Dreams~

Sunday, March 19, 2006

VAIO pt2

Do I have nothing better to do at 5am? Probably not. Note: My alarm usually goes off at 4am. Why am I still awake? NEW COMPUTER

Ok, so I switched over to gmail, so if you didn't get a message from me I don't like you anymore. Kidding. I'm not going to broadcast my email address here, so if you really didnt get a message from me then you'll have to guess what my new address on gmail is , not kidding.

Mmmmm the specs on my new computer:

VAIO FS Series
Intel Centrino Mobile Technology 1.73Ghz
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
15.4" Wide WXGA 1280x800 display
DVD R Double Layer with DVDRW2
523MB RAM and 100GB4 hard drive
3 USB, and one of those flash memory things for the camera! (the technical term of course)
Integrated Wireless (and faster!)

Might not seem all that great to you, but I was mucking along with this for the last 3 1/2 years:

Compaq Presario 900 PP2140
AMD Athalon 1.3Ghz
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
14.1 Inch Display, AND DARK DARK DARK
DVD/CD Player
523MB RAM (because I upgraded about 2 years ago)
80GB Hard Drive
2USB, Floppy (I'm gonna miss that)

I havn't reinstalled any of my old software, or the new Photo Impact Pro, which I also bought today. I really need Firefox back before I hurt someone at Microsoft. I might do that anyway if I don't get rid of all this default 'helpful' crap on the new system. Also, I am apparently crippled without my Favorites, and I forgot to move them over. OMFG I am my own annoying END USER! Save me from myself!

c'mon I just need my link to imageshack..

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Where I got myspace display name

Originally Posted 3/21/05

Shrine of the Forgotten Goddesses
"Magna Mater
The Great Mother

In almost every ancient mythology,
there is a female Mothergoddess at the beginning of time
who either is the earth or bears the planet and beings out of herself.
In the stoneage she was the only known and worshipped Goddess
who represented life itself and the whole earth as a holy being.
Fertility was known as a female power. "
The living plastic and the moving models was a distinct taste of strange British comedy. I liked the show anyway, and I really liked the second one. It has more an air of seriousness than I expected, I could totally follow the emotional depth of the characters and their love for science and understanding of the reality of the universe and I could go on and on but I wont. Suffice to say I can relate to Rose and the Dr alot, and they have real chemistry.

I like that its not a Rosy-eyed, everything is fine in the end, kind of show. The Tree sacrificed herself for the ship and burnt to death, and it wasn't at a convenient time just as he got to the switch, it was before and it made the Doctor dig deep into himself to finish the job. The 'last living human' was a fake and a bitch, and in the end she shriveled up and died. The Dr. didn't show any mercy or regret for that.

The FX were a little off at times and really sharp at other times. For example the vat of hot plastic thing was totally off, but the little robotic spiders were dead on and really cool. It is just the first two episodes, so like other shows I think the FX will get better as we go along. I mean, go look at the first season of SG1 and compare it to season 2 or 3, big difference!

Sorry for the repost, I like to keep this kind of thing.


Here I am, with my new laptop. The sleek, speedy, not-broken Sony VAIO. Now I have to go to work. More later. Yes Mom and Jesse, you can have the old laptop as soon as I prep it for you and get my stuff off it. Some duct tape may be required.


Which vaio? there are about a million of them but unfortunately 999,990 of the various models suck =(Posted by Fred on March 18, 2006 - Saturday at 3:04 PM

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Reviving a dead mouse.

Some days I can't stand mice. Not the squeaky ones that leave droppings everywhere, but the round ones with buttons.
There are these devices for people who use more than one computer and only one Keyboard Monitor(Video) and Mouse. It's called a KVM Switch. It is the root of all my misery on a daily basis.

It supports PS2 mice and keyboards, which tend to crap out and stop working if they are unplugged or the power spikes or if you happened to look at your computer funny. This should be easy to fix, just restart your system and the mouse and/or keyboard should start working again. A monkey could do my job.

But no, restarting won't work most of the time, because the KVM does not have its own power source, it draws power from the keyboard's connection to the computer. Weird? Yes. So even when you shut down one computer the other ones connected to the KVM will still provide it with power. EVERYTHING MUST BE OFF SO THERE IS NO RESIDUAL POWER IN THE ENTIRE SYSTEM OF DEVICES. Every single tech in my office has their own rituals for reviving a dead mouse.

Fine! So everything is off, you must then unplug the mice and keyboards from the KVM and the computers, all of them, no cheating it wont work. Then wait two minutes. Bite the head off a live chicken and dribble the blood to bless the keyboard. The user's won't notice it amongst the accumulated ketchup drippings. A goat would work but there's too much blood.

Plug in the connection to the first computer, the one in the A position. Then to the box. Now apply power and dash a bit of salt over the mouse. If all goes well, the first computer's mouse and keyboard will come to life. Do the other computers just the same way in sequence. I promise it will work.

Unless you are connecting a laptop (or two!) up together. Yay! Because laptops have batteries that prevent you from removing all residual power from the box. Fuckin YAY! Sooo....before you wait two minutes you have to unplug the battery from the computer. That didn't work? Well did you hold down the grey button for 15 seconds and urinate on the power supply? I told you....gah! Okay well just remove the battery completely and power up without it. If that doesn't work, lets just replace the damn mouse.

I swear, a monkey could do my job.

Monday, March 13, 2006

As Slippery as My Mind is

Dammit, I typed an email and decided to paste it into my blog instead. Then when I get here IT WONT PASTE!!! Dammit. Now I've got to do it from memory. Someone find me some extra memory dammit!

Ahem. I spent the day watching reruns of Old BSG, because I had this wonderful day off. Did you know they used Frak in the original? I could've sworn it was invented for the new show. But otherwise the oldie is just a steaming pile of dren.

I've been invited to gmail 3 times now, and I havn't yet because do you have any idea how many email accounts and admin passwords and pin numbers and usernames and stuff I have to remember??!! I would have to tell all my contacts my new account, and try to bring over my contacts list and save my important emails and figure out which ones are important and what if OMG my bank account and my utilities are all tied to my yahoo. There's no way.

But then...I was thinking. Outch. Er.
I think google and myspace could totally kick ass with a deal to access your gmail via myspace. Then there would be me on the outside going..but but...I coulda been cool tooo!!! WTF people?! So maybe I will, but I'll only make it available to my pals on myspace. But can I change the email account my myspace is tied to? Grrr...

There was alot more, and I assure you all it was quite fascinating.
In my head.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

I'm Human After All

The four of us ladies in the office went to the mall today after work. I had such a blast! I spent most of my $200. I actually bought 6 shirts, and they are so cute. One at Lane Bryant (thanks manders!) and the others at another very awesome store. I'm wearing one shirt now, a button up red with white pinstripes (I think that's what they're called), fitted very nicely and doesn't make my big belly obvious. Also bought a pair of shoes at Payless and a perfume at Victoria's Secret. It smells ssoooo yummy and fruity without killing my nasal passages. Oh yeah, I also bought the Serenity soundtrack. Ohh ohh must insert cd into computer...brb...k. Ahhhh.....

Did you hear me!? I had a blast, buying clothes, spending money. I can't stand perfumes, and I bought a perfume. Holy shit I am a real person after all. And the mall is sickeningly close to my apartment. It's all over now.

Oh, and my laptop is breaking, the cracks on the hinges are enormous. I may have to spend my bonus pay early. So if you don't hear from me all the sudden, or Michael if the bank account suddenly loses $ know what's going on.

And 12 hour shifts are over for now, thank goodness. AND I have tomorrow and Monday off, since I had to work this morning. I picture laziness in my future.

Sunday, March 5, 2006


Alcohol gives me heartburn. I had 4 beers on Friday. I did not get heartburn on Friday.

Today I had orange juice. Today it hurts to breathe. Today everything tastes like orange juice. All I wanted was a glass of orange juice. Now I do not want to ever see orange juice again.

Honestly though, everything gives me heartburn.

I saw low-acid orange juice at the store last week, and the person with me couldn't understand why I was so excited. This week I will buy low-acid orange juice.

I bet it will give me heartburn.

The End.