Saturday, April 1, 2006


Robert (an uber-fan of my glorious blogs) was asking if I have, or will be, watching the new movie Slither. I try to stay away from just those sorts of films. Which one was it where people were crap-birthing these nasty aliens? Something about dreamcatchers I think. Michael remembers. I think my favorite Browncoat is in it, but still...

I'm still hanging out in Florida for a couple more months. I can't wait to get back to the hubby in TX. Ugh! I can't believe I want to go back to Texass.

I should really be asleep about now, in preperation for a long day walking around the Kennedy Space Center tomorrow. I'm kinda excited again, we'll see. I've spent my entire day today reading Absolution Gap, and I've only got...lets see...87 pages to go. It's been ages since it has taken me this long to read a book. I started it in January I think. I guess its just a point of pride for me to finish it before I go to bed tonight. I used to read entire 800 page novels in a day, often starting at 8am and finishing at 4am....which in my reckoning is a day since its less than 24 hours, so piss off :P

I am sitting rather awkwardly with my legs crossed and my laptop on my lap. Where else? Anyway my left foot is asleep, and I'm dreading the period of waking-up that follows.

OK, there goes the foot....OWWWWWWWWWW

After that, I read this:
"I said-" Orca Cruz began.
He crunched his fingers down on the eye, shattering it. Something crome-yellow emerged in smoky wisps. A moment later Cruz felt the nerve agent infiltrate her lungs.
No one had to tell her it would be fatal.

Dude, guy gouged out his own eye and it was full of nerve agent.

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