Friday, April 25, 2008

I <3 Soup

I discovered an amazing line of soups a few months ago. Since I want them to continue to stock them for ever and ever and ever, I will share them with you, and thus increase demand.

The brand is Pacific Natural Foods, and the soups are organic, non-dairy, wheat free, low-sodium, low-fat, etc. etc. etc... Wait wait wait! Don't run away! The reason I bought them the first time was that they were WAY CHEAPER than just about any soup in the store. The feel-superior vibes of Organic low-this, non-that were just deal sweeteners. I shop by comparing price per ounce, and both grocery stores I shop at put price per ounce on the label for most things.

First, the packaging they use is that pressed-cardboard stuff like juice boxes. This is way way way cheaper than metal cans and those plastic microwavable Campbell's Soup things. Second, there are about 4 servings per container, so it is like buying in bulk ONLY BETTER because the container is re-sealable. That means I can have a tiny mug of soup one day, a giant bowl of soup the next, and a regular bowl a week later, all without that metallic taste of soup in a can, or cleaning tomato soup stains out of Tupperware.

Did I just say Tomato Soup? You may (or not, if you don't love me, but that's ok, I swear) be aware that I hate tomato soup with the fiery passion of a Orthodontic Torture Veteran, but The Husband loves it very much. I bought all 3 varieties available: Butternut Squash, Tomato, and Tomato w/ Roasted Peppers. I HAVE NEVER LOVED ANYTHING MORE THAN I LOVE THIS TOMATO SOUP!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gasping for breath* It turns out he likes the roasted peppers more, and I love all 3 pretty much equally. The squash is nice and sweet, and I like it slightly cool on a hot day. The other two go great with my grilled cheese sandwiches and are good with a little diced green onion or shallot mixed in, or some shredded cheese.

Um. I think my crazy is showing, just a sec...


They also have smaller boxes of creamy corn, and some ginger thing that I tried. Not so good as soups, but pretty good as a sauce on roast chicken and rice.

OH LOOK! There's one called Creamy Roasted Carrot. I'm going to have to try that!

There's my crazy again...dammit!

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