Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dead Week

Today I rode downtown for the first time in a few months. I had to get my fingerprints done for my upcoming name change (bet you thought I was done talking about that), and on the way back to the school I lunched at Mr. T's Deli (yum!). On the way from school, I made a side trip for water. Then I made two trips to the coffee shop. So my legs are a bit sore. Ow. Dead Week is not nearly dead enough, given that I still have homework. There is something sad about studying at the coffee shop until they close...almost every night.

I have the choice next semester of 13 or 16 hours. I've had trouble deciding whether to add an extra physics course to everything else I have to take in the spring. It is a 4000 level course, it isn't required, it will cost me an extra $400 in tuition, taught by Not My Favorite Professor, and VA won't cover the extra hours.

I decided to write my English professor to ask about how much writing/time the editing course would take up. I almost hoped she would say "Lots! Don't even think about taking 16 hours!!!"

Instead she said:
You actually won't be doing any writing at all. You will read 2
chapters each week and have a short editing assignment each time (1-2
pages to edit). At the end you will have a longer (10-20 page) editing
job for a client. So I don't really expect it to be that time-consuming

Yay. Damn. Yay!

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