Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh hi, This is a blog!

A request was put in about a week ago, for a blog post about my winter vacation. Seems I ought to get around to that, eh? First, an excuse: I'm suffering mightily from a sinus infection because someone likes to bathe in cologne. Feel free to send me comforting words and a cup of your best homemade soup. Please act as though I am suffering from some incurable malady more terrible than anything anyone has ever experienced. It'll make me feel better. A little. Ahem. hack cough wheeze die recover

I spent Xmas with The Whitehill's. The turkey was baked golden brown and then brutally devoured, as is right and just. I got a giant book of bird pictures. This book shall be used as a coffee table one day.

I had not planned to travel at all this vacation, but shit happens. Sometimes good shit happens, and I get to fly to Orlando and spend a spectacular New Years with Troy. You can see the pictures I posted already. There was more preparation shopping than I'd like to admit to. Scary shoes and eye catching dresses were purchased. Besides a couple very nice nights out, and a trip to the Kennedy Space Center, we mostly watched alot of television. There was the Nathan Fillion mini-marathon that became a short lived Kaytee Sackhoff mini-marathon. She was fun and purple-haired in White Noise 2 and we watched about 20 minutes of some terrible...horrible...well it was boring and then Troy got to see side-boob and then it was boring again. We watched alot of Star Trek, of course. I sat in on a meeting of the local SF club.

Well we did other stuff, but you would be bored with the details, I'm sure. Suffice to say, I had a really really great fun relaxing geeky time.

And then I came back to TXass on a plane, sitting behind a small bouncy child who threw her wet whipe at me. So I threw it back, and her daddy can just stick his damn eyes back in his head because I'm not sorry. That's just nasty.

So I've been sick, but I've still managed to visit the gym at the YMCA every day since I got back, and ran around getting tuition and books paid for, and helped Janae shop for some nice new work clothes, and read some more. Janae, Juan, and I watched a very strange movie about pot and ate fajitas and played Speed Scrabble last night.

All in all, I had a delightfully unproductive break.

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