Friday, February 10, 2006

What is this!?!?!? What have I done?!!!!

I decided to get ‘experimental’ with food today, and in a way that probably makes my hubby glad he’s not here. He hates it when I cook without a recipe, and call it ‘experimenting.’

So anyway, I decided to see what happens when you combine these yummy fresh strawberry, sliced up, with some honey, and apply some heat. The resulting hot sweet mess was very tasty, and had a slightly gelatin-like thing going on. So then I didn’t know what to do with it. I could have put it on top of some ice cream or make a strawberry shortcake, but I had the stuff for neither. So I got gutsy and threw in some quick oats and water, and cooked for a bit longer. Then I rolled the partially cooled mixture into some cling wrap. Its setting in my fridge right now, looking like a giant red tootsie-roll. Is there a name for this sweet strawberry concoction I have created?

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