Thursday, February 2, 2006

Witless Computer Tech, Me.

I'm such a silly witless computer tech when it comes to home computing. If it's not work computers I just generally don't think too hard about it. So when I first got here I plugged in to see if there was a free/cheap connection, with no luck. No way I'm spending $40/month on internet. Why did I not plug in my wireless card? Because I'm not at home and I'm not in a hotel, and that's where I've ever used wireless. Also, because I'm a dork.

Yeah, so my roomie was complaining about not getting good signals in here. I thought she was talking just about cell reception, and then it dawned on me....WIRELESS YOU COMPUTER DORK! So yeah I'm mooching off nearby connections hahahah.

Long story short (ok, long story long), my roomie's standards are way too high, because for me 5.5mbps is good enough for posting on myspace. Yay Internet!

Sadly you won't be hearing from me any more often than before this, as I am being worked to death on 14 hour shifts for the next few weeks. I should be asleep right now, since I have to wake up in like 5 hours to get ready for work. I got home today and my boots where the only thing holding my feet together.

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