Monday, August 7, 2006

The Link Collector

I took most of the week off to study for finals. I've felt like crap all weekend. I had a little wine on Saturday, which probably didn't help things. I felt better for a few hours though. I might make an appointment tomorrow. Maybe. Probably not. Oddly, right now is the best I've felt in a few weeks. I know I'm not better, but its still pretty good.

We saw two movies on Saturday too. Talladega Nights, and Descent. I had low hopes for Talladega Nights, and high hopes for Descent. I was pleasantly entertained, for the most part, on TN. Descent was disappointing. Predictable: I knew who had to survive, who would die, from the first 10 minutes. Over-gory: not that I'm opposed, but gory doesn't make a movie good. Also, most of the screen was black/dark for most of the movie.

Next time I'm going to watch the first 20 minutes of a movie, and then write what I think will happen, and have everyone confirm it when its over.

Yet another reason to avoid cats
So they can't infect you with the cat-loving brain disease.
(You like cats? So do I! We should trade recipes some time!)

Legalized Extortion
Some people need to be destroyed.

How to totally fake being a geek
In which I find a blurred reflection of myself.

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