Saturday, August 12, 2006

Feasting on Asphalt

Its been a slow day. I didn't wake up until after noon. Hubby went to some gaming party. So I've been surfing, watching tv. So I'm watching Feasting on Asphalt on Food Network. My LOL moment of the day? Alton Brown is auctioning a shirt from the show and says "its autographed, which means you can sell it tonight on ebay to my mom for $1000."

Eh. I'm going back to days starting Monday, which means I really can't take any classes. I could take an english class in the afternoon, but there are only 3 seats left on Friday. It'll probably be full by time I can make it to the registration office. This sucks. I realized earlier this week that I would have 3 months terminal leave from work next year, so I can take a full course load next fall. Small consolation I guess. *sigh*

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