Thursday, November 2, 2006

Cookie History in progress

Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies
You know you want some....
8:37 PM

Mmmmm Nummy
I'm satisfied with the cookies so far.
The bottoms are a little brown, but i think i can adjust for it.
Hey, they're ginger snaps, its okay! And tasty....
8:53 PM

Uh-oh, I'm confused.
Looks like I skipped an important, cheesecake-related step. Now I have one batch of plain gingersnaps.
Oh well.
10:13 PM

So I didn't use all of the cheesecake batter, but I'm out of cookie dough.
Must. Not. Eat. Batter.
Sooo tasty....must resist....
Will it keep until I make more dough this weekend?
11:38 PM


  1. Don't worry... it's just extra poundage =) Just have to lift a few more PCs and/or printers.

    Nice costume.

    omgwtf BSG?!?!?! can it get any better??? Well yeah I suppose... if Amanda Tapping made an appearance... as a Cylon... . . .... . A whole basestar of her... . .. .... .. naked.

    :::wipes drool off of his keyboard:::

  2. Woah Fred. I guess the fans will accept that, as long as the gal fans get to see the same with Michael Shanks. Gawed I'm so glad they let him be hot, tough, and smart instead of a sniffle-nosed frump.

    All his clones can be nude, or wearing comfy sweaters and khakis. Equally drool-inducing.