Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Current Mood Is:

Tired and Excited:

I returned from my visit to Traci with no pictures of a beautiful baby boy. Everyone is still waiting with bated breath for labor to begin. It was still a fun time visiting with her and walking the mall a half dozen times. I do have a bunch of photos of their little girl, which I think I will print up and send after we have our apartment set up.

Thirsty, Tired, Hungry, Sore from Tooth to Toe:

I had a dental checkup today. Everything was fine except that annoying nub thingey of tissue behind my two fronts. I got another lovely shot in the roof of my mouth, some knifework, and Nubby was gone. I took half a Vicadin when I got back to work because I only had two left.

Then I almost had to reschedule my PT test for the new year, because PT was cancelled for the week. The PT folks and I decided I needed to take my test today anyway before I became overdue. It was just me and the track for 17 minutes and 13 seconds. It was just enough to pass with a 30 inch waist (why am I telling the internet that?!), 52 situps, and 19 pushups.

Excited, Busy, Lazy, Overwhelmed:

This shall be the one and only time Michael can say he was right and I was wrong about $omething Important. I thought our lease at the house was up at the end of January. I insisted we secure an apartment during the holidays so we could move without taking leave from work. Then I looked at the lease and saw that it actually ends in February. Him Right, Me Wrong. I talked to the landlord today though, and he seemed fine with us leaving early and only paying up to next month. He's also buying our fridge, since we don't need it in the new place. We sign the lease today and move in on Saturday. Woohoo!

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