Monday, May 19, 2008

Bike Ride #2

Summary of Ride #1:

Ride #2:

First, a complaint, because I'm so good at those. Can they find a more comfortable way to attach helmets to our heads? Like nails, or staples? Because I'm not all into the bondage/choking thing. Mkay?

Moving on.

Here is a lesson learned for you. After riding in the rain, you should dry off your bike. I learned this because, during rigorous pedaling, my seat would move in all directions. You may understand this was disconcerting. I rode back home and sacrificed a dish towel to dry off the seat post and I think the problem went away. I'm really glad I decided to stay in the neighborhood, instead of trying a route to the school. That would have been a bad time to go wobbling around.

I got the new lights and the mirror mounted and they worked pretty well. The front light did a great job of showing me how wobbly I was riding!

I do have a request for whoever makes bike parts: turn signals and brake lights. WTF with primitive hand signals?!?!

That is all. For Now


  1. oooo tell me you got the really cool balloon 3 bike in the link from the old blog (yeah i just read it whatcha gonna do spank me and take away my birthday :P) its pretty and orange and orange and pretty!!!!!

  2. No, but I like the orange with brown that the Townie Balloon has better than the orange and cream that I got.