Saturday, May 24, 2008

His Lordship the Tyrranical Conure

I posted this at, for some advice...

Lately, I can't leave Rigel in his cage for two moments to use my computer, clean my kitchen, eat, or even to use the bathroom without him going with screeching as if I have left him alone for three days with no food and HOW DARE I BE AWAY! So that now I have to use my laptop in the other room, because if I let him out while I use it he will perch on it and become very possessive of it.

Also when I let him out, he jumps directly for my neck sometimes, but usually bites my hand. He's never drawn blood until now. Then he becomes the angel and cuddles like nothing happened.

Thing is, I can't figure out what has changed to make him this way. Maybe it is just because he's a year old now, maybe it is because he can fly now. I can't change the first, and I really don't want to change the other. I thought it would be so great that I could spend more time with him since I'm out of school this summer, and I almost feel like me being here more often is what is pissing him off and making him think I HAVE to be here ALL the time. Nothing else about his environment has changed.

*sigh* The clicker training kit arrives soon, right? It will help him feel more enriched and improve his mood, right?

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