Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Worth It.

Worth It.

Getting bitten, shat upon, screeched at.

Cleaning blackberry poop stains off the floor.

Loads of cash for new toys never used, re-used ones are more fun.

Banana slime on my nice black t-shirt.

Waking up early to honor his sleep schedule.

Totally Worth it.

Fluffed up neck feathers, trying to whistle back.

Flew around the room three times, now wings are stuck in the "Up" position.

Belly feathers sticking through the cage bars from sleeping in the new coziest spot.

Chatters at his dish of vegetables.

First morning step-up, still surprised at how his feet feel.

Totally totally worth it.


  1. whats this about his feet? what did you do to his feet? when do we get new pictures of mr.rigel?

  2. I didn't do anything to his feet, you dork. It feels neat when he steps up onto my finger.

    I have some pictures on a memory card somewhere, I'll have to get them.