Monday, October 13, 2008

Knitted to Death!

These are ADORABLE and HILARIOUS knitted critters made by Patricia Waller.

Check out the whole gallery. Yes, I could have put up comments on everyone's myspace, but that's just not my style, and it would have taken longer. Just love me for who I am, m'kay?

Caution: Some of them are not exactly safe for certain innocent minds, especially that last one, ehehehehehe!

For Lydia: Crossing Wonderland (Frog Prince) <---Totally safe
For Becky: Crossing Wonderland (Unicorn)
For Amanda: How to Kill Your First Love (Duck)
For Troy: Rabbits [all three of those crack me up!]
For Traci: Domestic Help<--Totally safe

This one's for ME! Aliens (Space Couple)

And, psstt....
( )_( )

Bunnies RULE THE EARTH!!!!

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