Friday, September 29, 2006

The Doctor will see you now.

Dr. Who season 2 premier was an hour and a half long, followed by another new hour long episode. Sweet. The Doctor did most of the first episode asleep, the rest in his pajamas. "Saved the world in my jammers, very Aurthur Dent." I love this show.

Today I had a bit much time on my hands, and wanted to know what the Nutrition Facts were for the banana I just had. I Googled and found this, the most useful nutrition site on the whole internet. Ever. You can easily lookup the food you ate, add it to your list, and edit the serving size to what you actually ate. Then it will chart the total of all your food all day. I've tried the food-guide pyramid before, but it was a pain in the ass and not very helpful. This thing is chart-y, and I do so love charts. Bonus, they are actually helpful and fairly easy to read.

I watch Eureka. If you don't watch the show, its good but kinda silly/lame/formula-driven. Classified town full of geniuses, wacky disaster every week. Fun to watch. Hey but if you like, then check out Made in Eureka. I wish I could get my hands on a ThinkBack Memory Backup Drive:

Never forget anything again! After downloading every moment, dream and experience you've ever had through the ocular interface (resembles a pair of goggles), the ThinkBack Memory Backup Drive stores them on a special hard disk, which will allow you to review your memories on the LCD screen. Now you'll be able to call up the lyrics of a song you heard last week or relive that amazing weekend you had by the lake house. You can even compress memory clips into MPEG-4 videos for sharing with friends. Don't really like where your life's gone lately? Just upload a previous backup to your brain and get rid of those bad experiences — quite literally; your old life won't even be a memory. The drive can hold a dozen memory backups from up to four people at once. Memory-editing software is optional, and requires certification from a licensed medical practitioner or professional philosopher.

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