Sunday, September 3, 2006


Well, this is all pretty depressing:


But then there's this, watch the video to lift your spirits.

And then there's
this, which I will quote one of many paragraphs:

Its all about me. We still remain a dreadfully segregated nation, and much of the country shields its residents from even a passing familiarity with any alternative American experience to their own, leaving the majority of Americans incapable of comprehending how someone outside their race, sexual orientation, and particularly social class might arrive at a drastically different destination in life than they have. Knowing people who aren't like us is the key to empathy, to caring about the struggles, blockades, and even the most basic circumstances of people who don't share our individual experiences. People sniff at multiculturalism and shrug at the suggestion that international travel is a necessary experience to broaden our own isolationist horizons. We are actively discouraged, by omnipresent reassurances that America is the best country in the world! that we don't need to experience other cultures because they have nothing to offer (and we are actively prevented from world travel by being provided with the shortest vacation times in the Western world). America is the center of the universe for many Americans and often, not even the whole of America, but just their own region, state, town, neighborhood. Best place in the country in the best country in the world. Why leave, even for a day? Incuriosity. Ignorance. Its all about my home, my experience, me.

Christian finds 'religion' about the seperation of church and state.

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  1. More or less what I've been saying for years now... It is pretty messed up. But in my own defense not all of us Christians think the church and state should be the same thing, some how God as Government just dosen't seem to work (See:Iran, Saudi, Midevil Europe, Rio Munia)

    Posted by Eight Cylinder Super Hero on September 7, 2006 - Thursday at 12:53 PM