Sunday, September 9, 2007

Accomplishment (Or Not)

Weekend Goals:
Physics HW___________Due: Monday____Completed Friday Afternoon :)
Physics Lab + Report_____Due: Wednesday__Not Started :(
Chemistry Pre-Lab_______Due: Tuesday____Not Started :(
Calculus HW___________Due: Tuesday____~ Completed Sunday Night
Literature Paper_________Due: Tuesday____Completed (3rd Time) Sunday Night

Clean up various notes________________kinda got around to some of that a little
Go back and do Chemistry HW I skipped___not so much
Go back and do Math HW I bombed______nope
Screw Around on internet_____________excessively
Minor housecleaning and laundry_______done (or not)

So why did I want to finish stuff that's not due until mid-week? First, I'm trying (or not) to get ahead instead of doing all homework the night before its due, because it has been stressing me out. Second, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon which might (or not) leave me in some sort of agony, and I didn't want to skip important assignments because it hurts too much to focus. Oh well.

I'm really hoping the pain isn't too bad because I need to make it to the Math Lab tomorrow night for help on my Calculus homework. I worked all of the problems, but a few aren't coming up with correct answers. I know it has something to do with reversing the chain rule (like you wanted to know), but I can't figure out how.

Eh. So I've spent half an hour doing this instead of, well, anything else. Damn. Off to bed then.

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