Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another Bad Haircut

I think I'm going to hire Becky to come down here and cut my hair, because really nobody else has a clue.

Of course it was Mastercuts again. My hair had grown out quite a bit and it just doesn't behave in mid-lengths. I wanted it at mid-cheek in front, and higher in the back (to avoid the flare-out tail I get). Instead, I now look exactly like I did right after I got to Okinawa, which means it looks like I had a boy-cut that grew out for 4 months. Great. Anyway, with a comb-headband-thingey it doesn't look entirely bad. I guess I have a reason to wear those now.

Here's a brief review of past bad haircuts. Its now just a little shorter, especially in the back, than this first shot:

No, I can't wear that top, or the shorts I was in that day, anymore. I can't believe I ever could!


  1. The third one down looks nothing like you. Lookins kind of like a pic from America's Most Wanted. This Woman knowen only as Tanya is wanted for the burtal killing of an entire clown school graduateing class.

  2. yeah well you could just make a weekend of getting your hair cut you yeah that 3rd pic down does not look like you. i wanna see a pic of the new cut!!! tanya tanya tanya you should NEVER go to mastercuts,fantastic sams,custom cuts,smartstlye,custom clips, any of those (greatclips is ok tho) they are trained to cut corners and do quick haircuts and i've never seen anyone come out of one of those places happy with their hair. tsk tsk :P

  3. Geesh, woman! You want me to drive 13 hours each way for a haircut!?!?

    The new cut currently looks funky because my hair dried while in the headband. I guess I can take some pictures.