Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Spend another hour cuddling with my feathered monster.

Spend a few hours de-cluttering and extra-cleaning my apartment, because they are sending the exterminators TOMORROW. I'm so frackin' powerful.

Tomorrow: Go around, with Rigel in his carrier, taking pictures of the complex to show off to my family and friends. This place rocks.

Thursday: Drop Rigel at the old apartment and start out on my 12 hour drive to Atchison to visit with Becky and Co.

I'll stay there until next Thursday or so, with a little jaunt over to Fort Riley to visit the Johnson's, then over to MO to stay at Amanda's and visit with all the rest of my friends and family. The ones I like, anyways. At some most points, there will be alcohol, games, photographs and explosions. Just like old times.

Then Mom and I will drive back to Texass, and she will drive back with the car, and I will pedal my way to and from school.

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