Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Name Thing (Again)

I'm still unsure about what to name myself after the divorce. I never really wanted to change to Jones. Its a dumb name, a dumb tradition, and yet another reason I should have known getting married was dumb.

Of course, my birth name might be what I'm stuck with, since I already file the papers. I might try to change it at the final hearing, though. People, I don't know who Niel is, but I'm certainly not his son. The only people I shared this name with, after age 3, was my uncle and some cousins. Not my brothers, or my grandmother, or either of my parents. Lets just say I'm not attached. I still feel bad for my brothers, though, going through life with the name of a bodily function. Ew.

This brings us to made-up, Science Fiction, strong words, and nature names. I would like something short and simple that doesn't end in the letter or sound "A". I'm thinking 3-5 letters and one or two syllables. I don't have any ties to religions or interesting cultures, so nothing that would strongly signify that. I don't want it to seem like I'm trying to pretend that I'm some nationality or heritage that I'm not, because that seems rude.

The best SF name suggestion yet has been Dax. But really, am I that much of a geek? Maybe.

Other options include: Kes, Delenn, Kosh (hahaha), Thrace (Ok, I am not that hard-core geek)

Sadly, with Doctor Who, my options are: Smith, Jones, and maybe for fun: Who.
Do you know any awesome and not goofy matrinomic or nature names out there that fit my loose criteria?

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