Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Showing Off My Crazy

I've been to the library three times this week. That's 33 miles total by bike, for those of you not keeping track. In conclusion: I give up, for now.

Because the divorce petition states that I want my name changed back, it is now a gigantic pain in my ass to change it to something else. It would have just been a minor pain in the ass if I had kept it as Jones, and then filed the name change to something else. The thing is, I have to get the Petition for Change of Name notarized, and this requires a current/valid photo ID with the old name on it. I do not have this, at all.

Changing my name for the divorce means getting new a driver's license, SS card, school ID, debit card, checkbook, and my Inactive Reserve ID card. Also, I have to update my name with the GI Bill, VA Life Insurance, and everything else I can't think of right now. *head asplodes*

When/If I change my name, I will have to do all those things again. Plus, I have to pay $217 to file the petition, and $34 to have a fingerprint card made. At least if I wait until January, when my IRR time is up, I will have one less ID to change. I will, however, confuse the shit out of everyone I know, by changing my name twice in 6 months. Piss.

So, how is my crazy showing? I worked off my frustration by switching my living room and bedroom. Yes, I got my sofa through the door, by sheer determination alone. I suffer from an extreme form of the hereditary disorder known as Rearrangus Furnituritis, just ask my mom.

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