Friday, August 1, 2008

Uh, Um, Like...Fuck.

Now, I was about to pedal my happy ass to the bike shop to pick up a cargo net, and maybe then take a dip in the pool to celebrate 130 miles on my bike so far and a hellish assignment behind me. Then I realized, that distant rumble? It is electricity falling from the sky. Fan. Tastic.

So anyway, the hellish assignment was a formal proposal, which I chose to do over bike parking and stuff on campus. Five pages, not including the cover letter, table of contents, appendices...were due this morning. I had three and a half days to do research, come up with a real proposal, and write all the damn documents (10 MS Word files later...). I also got dubious honor of being one of only two people presenting my PowerPoint slides this morning. I was up until 1am. I gave up on including any images in the document or the presentation.

Oh the presentation. It was probably painful to watch, but they would be surprised to know that I actually showed improvement in public speaking. Why, I didn't talk insanely fast and quiet, or even run out of breath completely. I was just all "um...where was I again, what was i about to say here, oh look awkward pause!" Amazingly, I still got a 95%, probably on consideration the painful patheticness of my nervousness and the fact that I had no time to practice between writing the paper and preparing the slides.

I certainly got enough riding in, though, pedaling all over campus to look at the placement of bike racks, getting an interview with the campus police chief, coordinating pretend involvement from the bike shop, and pricing fliers.

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