Friday, January 19, 2007


Sooo...yeah. RTFM on the fireplace please, there has to be a lever somewhere to let the smoke out. My house now smells like lingering stale smoke. This is a downgrade/upgrade from last night when it smelled thickly of firewood. We don't even have pokers or tiny shovels or anything.

I love you babe, but I told you that was a bad idea.

Meanwhile, I printed some awesome rocks from Pikes Peak onto my background paper, and printed maybe 30 pictures just from day one of last summer's vacation. So, tomorrow I can do some actual scrapbooking.

Oh!@ Also, I just finished reading False Memory by Dean Koontz. I now only have 5 of his books on my shelf that I have not read. Well, that I'm pretty sure I haven't read. My memory sucks and I'd have to get 2 or 3 chapters into it before I can be sure. I've also still not purchased Brother Odd and I really really want to read it.

Remaining unread on my shelf are: Mr. Murder, The Face, Tick Tock, The Eyes of Darkness, and Lightning

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