Thursday, December 1, 2005

Purple Bruises

Ugh@! I hurt so much, all over. I've been in AOR training all week, and yesterday I don't think I had enough water or something because I got a huge cramp in my calf afterwards. I've never had a leg cramp up so bad that it hurt to walk afterwards. Then today training lasted until 7pm, low crawling, jumping in and out of trucks with loads of gear on, diving into the ground with the M16, rolling, getting up again with all that gear on, and running and firing and oh I hurt so much.

Here in West Texas there are so many spikey spiney pokey plants, and I have so many little splinters of them in my hands and legs. I went to push myself off the ground and ended up with a handful of spurs.

My helmet doesn't fit quite right, and I couldn't see to fire.

The bruises on my knees are purple and green and brown.

I still have dirt in the corners of my eyes.

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