Sunday, December 11, 2005

Stolen Idea, Fun With Babelfish

Firefly quotes translated from English to Chinese and back, just to see what comes out. I'm busy not studying for my finals. Don't judge me!

Original: Goin' on a year now I ain't had nothin' 'twixt my nethers weren't run on batteries.
Chinese to English: Continues year me now any not to run between mine leg in the battery.

Kaylee: Wash, tell me I'm pretty.
Wash: Were I unwed, I'd take you in a manly fashion.
Kaylee: Washes, tells me me is pretty.
Wash: Is I unmarried, I can have your man spirit the fashion.

They'll rape us till were dead, eat our flesh, and sew our skin into there clothing. And if were very very lucky they'll do it in just that order.
They will rape us until will be die, will eat our flesh and blood, with will suture our skin to enter there to put on the clothes. And if will be extremely extremely lucky they makes it in that order.

Mal: Well look at this. 'Pears we got here just in the nick of time. What does that make us?
Zoƫ: Big damn heroes, sir.
Mal: Ain't we just.

Mal: Good look in this. Appeared us is precisely time here obtained the justice. That is any us.
Zoe: Big hero, gentleman.
Mal: Is not we.

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