Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year 2006

Original: December 31, 2005 - Saturday
We have absolutely nothing to do for tonight.
This New Year's Eve is gonna suck.
I'm pretty boring.

To Which Chloe Commented:
We have no plans yet either, except to drink a bottle of wine (Fat Bastard Shiraz) that was sent by Craig's brother. I think we will go to a bar of some sort. Maybe a gay bar, although I hesitate, because Craig's so damn pretty that I'll be fighting middle-aged queens off all night. In any event, even if we stay in, I'm dressing up to the 9's, and that's what I suggest to you. Look fabulous. That's the best way to begin the New Year, no matter where you are!

These seemed to go together:
Original: December 31, 2005 - Saturday

I would dress up like Chloe suggested but, eh, Michael wouldn't play along and I'm in a pretty grumpy mood at the moment. We just spent some time driving around this crappy town looking for something to do. We think everyone is either at Graham's Central Station (never ever stooping that low) or at private parties. So we ate at IHOP, chilled out at Hastings for a bit (bought the Firefly soundtrack), picked up some booooozzzzeee, and now we're home watching the ball drop on tv in about an hour.
Considering all the crap that happened this year, and how utterly worthless the year has been as far as progressing in anything that matters to me or doing anything fun, I'm just ready for it all to be over and start anew. Beyond selfishness, the rest of the world has had a pretty (can I say crap again? well I'm gonna) crappy time of it too. If I could erase this year I would.

So, my resolution for the year? Do something I can care about, that holds some damn meaning for me, and have a damn life for once.

Oh, the Barnaked Ladies are on CNN singing "It's all been done" I love that song, it feels so right.

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