Thursday, October 11, 2007

Liveblogging: Bird Antics

I haven't paid much attention to Rigel today, except to give him a bath and sit in the window while he dried off. Busy deciding what to pack, leave, or sell, and working on my budget too. So he's been doing his own thing for a few hours.

This bird cracks me up. Just now, he took his jingly ball, climbed up the slanted wood perch, then up through the food bowl basket, and finally made it up to the rope perch with prize in beak. Then, of course, it fell. He was so pissed.

OH! He did it again!!!! I'm going to have to take down the tent-swing he doesn't use, its blocking my view. Dropped it again, poor baby bird!

Aahahah! Now he's laying on his back with the ball in his foot. Oh my goodness, he's a character. I guess this is what he does all day when I'm gone. I'm going to have to set up a camera.

He was on the cage bottom in a corner, playing with is ball, laying on his side. I couldn't stop laughing and he heard me, gave a big loud squack like "Oh Shit She's Watching me!"

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  1. haha thats awesome. i love watching animals play when they think you aren't looking. simon is hilarious too. and my dad's basset hound brutus..he plays fetch with himself and rolls around on his back with his toy in his mouth and his big ol'ears floppin everywhere. haha.