Monday, October 8, 2007

Modern Divorce

Step1: Get the nerves to say it.
Step2: Stop shaking, because its not a fight. *whew*
Step3: Split key assets: savings, DVD collections, TV, digital camera. In that order.
Step4: Change your Myspace Top Friends.
Step5: Blog it.

Laugh together, tell the honest truths you've both been holding back. Move on with your lives. I can't believe it was so easy, and yet so hard.

To Do List
In no particular order:

- Establish TX Residency *shudders*
- Buy a bed
- Fill out application for new apartment
- Decide what last name to change to...I want to be creative but not kooky, any ideas?
~~Dear Mom: I'll change back to my birth name if you do.
- Separate bills
- Do my homework...this is not a good excuse for procrastinating! (and yet I am)
~~Its Monday, why am I worrying about my lab report? I should be doing Calculus or reading Twelfth Night.
- Find someone with a truck to help me move a desk and a bookshelf. Volunteers?
~~ Should probably find out if the desk will fit through the door without being completely disassembled. *No disassemble! Johnny 5 is alliiiiiivvvve!*


  1. Is this a joke? I'm confused...

  2. yeah what the hell i'm confused as well...

  3. Not a joke. Unless you consider my life a joke...which of course it is.

  4. Whatever happened to your plan to get out of turdburp? Maybe this is a chance to escape Texas? Or are you planing to finish university there?

    I guess I should look through the blog backlogs - I've been out of touch with anything like a social life for quite awhile - work, work, work. I've lost touch with even my virtual friends...

  5. Alas, in Turdburp, Texass I must stay to finish school.

    Virtual friends are the most insulted when you loses touch, you should be ashamed of yourself. :)