Friday, October 26, 2007

Mixed Signals

Midterms were last week. Bad time to rearrange your life, and then to regret it, etc.

So the BritLit test hasn't been graded/returned yet, which is annoying. I have a pretty good time in that class, talk way more than I normally do in class, and make what I think are pretty good points about the reading. I wrote a lot less then I should have on the essays, and I hope that didn't hurt my test grade. FYI, my professor is was in the movie Weird Science, which I didn't realize until someone in class mentioned that he has an IMDB page. I have to say, its not my favorite movie, but Michael was highly impressed because its one of his favorites.

I made a pretty big improvement in Cal2, going from a 51% on the first test to 87% on the second. Also, if we do well enough on the final, he will substitute that grade for our lowest test grade. I'm doing well on the homework thanks to the tutors, so I might come through this one.

I stayed up until 1am studying for Physics, and got up an hour early to finish studying. The test was tough, but seemed to me I did better on it than the previous (57%). Everyone else including the ones who did great on the first one said they didn't even manage to finish, and I did, so I felt pretty good. Next class meeting, we're told the grades are so horribly bad that she's regrading them. At that point I was worried. Today, she handed back our tests, and then a re-written version of the test for us to do as homework. She'll average that grade with the test grade, for a final test grade. That's cool, but the class average was like 50%, and I GOT A 71% Wooohooo! I'm kinda pissed that they get to make up the grade which I didn't get to do when I did that bad on the first test, but I'm trying not to be bitter.

Anyway... mixed signals... I don't know. I wish I knew how I was doing. Off to the movies then. We're seeing the Elizabeth movie, I'll let you know how it is.

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  1. i wanna see the new elizabeth movie soooooooo bad! i loved the first one!!! keep up the good work chica.