Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What's in a Name?

Okay internet-people, I really need your help. I have to put my new legal name on our divorce paperwork, and we're filing it next week. I'm considering several options:

1. Quit being stupid, just go back to the birth name and be done with it.
--Or keep it, but shorten it to Niel or Niels....interesting....

2. An anagram of first/middle initials of my Mom, Grandma, and Great-Grandma.

3. Maybe I need to know my Great-Great Grandmother's name?

3. Ibbott
Usage: English
Ibbott is a matronymic derived from the old feminine name Ibota, which in turn was derived from Isabel, the oldest form of Elizabeth to be introduced into England. And my Mom's name, Lisa, is derived from Elizabeth.


  1. um why do you even have to change it? i'm confused again. ooo you could pick a japanese name, or you could i dunno lol

  2. How about something really cool? Like Ninja or Power? Tanya J. Ninja... no one would ever mess with you again.

    ::Homer Simpson:: MAX POWER!!!

  3. Um Becky, why would I keep my ex-husband's last name? I know you like that we are "related" by Jones, but I mean really :)

  4. I vote for Nielson just because that's what I've always known you as. Ibbott? How is that pronounced?