Friday, October 5, 2007

My Super Exciting Life

HI! How are you?!? Its been almost 2 weeks since I posted anything but links and stuff. I bet you're just dying to know how life is progressing.

I caught Rigel sleeping upside down from his Comfy Perch this week. I must get video somehow. *Dadadada dadadada Bat-BIRD!*

In Physics: I'm still struggling with setting up Conservation of Energy problems, but Conservation of Momentum makes so much more sense, so I'm having a better go of it. I'm getting good results in lab, even if it does take us a bit longer to setup. I'm nit-picky.

In Calculus: I've found that drawing graphs on printer paper with colored pencil is helping me understand volumes of revolution, plus going to tutoring every other day.

In British Liturature: We finished Beowulf last week, analyzed the new movie site, and and read some King Arthur stuff this week. On to Twelfth Night for next week.

If you haven't watched the new Bionic Woman, the 2nd episode is on Sci-Fi tonight. Watch it. You will love it. "How'm I doin now?" Michelle Ryan rocks, and so does Katee Sackhoff, but we knew that already. I'm in love with all the people putting strong, intelligent, non-anorexic women on television. I'm not in love with IMDB commenters, jerks.

Stargate Atlantis premiered their new season last Friday too. Not my favorite show, but worth watching. Jewel Staite is playing the new doctor (a tad young for it, but I can't not love her) and Amanda Tapping will be leading the city I think after next episode. I can't stand McKay, and I just can't wait for Col. Carter to knock him down a notch. Also, it means we might one day see the resolution of the Carter/O'Neill angst.

Doctor Who Series 3(?) is coming to a close this week, and I'm pretty excited. The finale story arc is 3 episodes, and I didn't know that at first. So at the end of the 1st one, I was thinking "Wow, that was a great cliffhanger for the season!" Then the commercial for the next week comes on and I'm thinking "Oh, sweet!" And then that happened again. So now, for sure, its the finale tonight, and I'm amped up.

Swiss Cheese Poop, has it really been 2 weeks since the bad haircut? Well, I'm a bit thankful for it because for the first time ever I can wear headbands. I look cute in headbands! My last memory of being forced to wear headbands involved a purple one digging into my skull for the sake of a family portrait. It was giving me a headache. My grandmother was, um, annoyed when I took it off. Did you know they make them with little silicone cushions now? I bought like 6 different ones, plus these ones that swoop back when they get to your ear, so they are so amazingly comfortable.