Tuesday, March 4, 2008

In Which I Beg Forgiveness

Poor Tree. I misunderstood you. Texass is a fucked up place, and you have ever right to pick your own seasons.

So yeah, after several days of 65, 70, 80 degree weather, we had a feisty wind and thunderstorm. The next day it snowed, sleeted, and was all around nasty. Today it is 70 degrees.

I am so sorry, you poor poor tree.

Now I'm going to make a tinfoil hat and walk to my voting location.


  1. so...what are you gonna do about it? ...people talk about the weather all the time and NO ONE does anything about it! you should do something about it! I would vote for YOU if you would.

  2. Rigel flew across the room? Dosen't he do that all the time or did I miss something? Yes, texas sucks... thats why I live not just in Florida, but in Orlando.

    "Orlando: Better than where you are"