Sunday, March 16, 2008

Schedule Planning

So I'm doing fairly well in both my classes, much better than last semester. The Summer/Fall schedule is supposed to be out tomorrow. Some of it was up yesterday, and I'm assuming that it isn't set yet, but I started planning my schedule by it anyway. So far, none of the geology, math, or physics I need is available in the summer. These, of course, are the only classes I need anymore. I could get a job, maybe.

Orrrrr.... I could pick up and finish an English minor over the summer. I would only need 3 classes, 2 which must be upper-level. Grammar, Technical Writing, Medieval Literature would be kinda fun I think. Yup, I'm that weird, those courses sound "fun" to me. Technical Writing would be useful for Physics work anyway, grammar maybe less so. I liked the British Literature course from last semester, and Medieval is taught by the same professor, the one who kept bugging me to be an English Major.

On to the Fall. The last math course I need (hopefully) isn't offered this fall, but will be in the Spring, so I'm not worried. Math Physics is on for the Fall, so its not like I'm going to miss out on the *joys* of math for the semester. I'm also looking at Mechanics, Electronic Instruments, and Modern Physics. With labs, that rounds out to 14 credits for the fall. But then. Well dammitall I still have to take Geology, which puts me at 18, and that looks like overload. So I could go with overload now, with 2 more semesters to makeup any dropped classes, or I could go easy now, overload later, and risk having to take an extra semester to finish.

Orrr....I could take biology instead of geology, since they would both do for the requirement. Biology is offered in the summer. I don't have to pick up the English minor. I know this sounds like the more sensible idea, but I took lots of biology in HS, and I have a college biology credits from U. of Maryland. I'm pretty sure I know as much as I care to about biology, and geology is new. I like new. I'm not even sure if the biology course from UMUC would count for one of the classes even though there was no lab. I'm essentially trying to talk myself out of the biology, if you get my drift.

And if you still care this far down, I don't know who you are.

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