Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Trees Are Confused

There is a very confused tree outside my window. There are, as far as I can tell, four different species of deciduous tree outside my window, which provide me with a nice view. These trees are one of the reasons I am still living in this apartment complex. Its very nice and well maintained, but not "manicured."

So each of these species of tree follow a different timetable for dropping leaves, each has a different idea of when spring has arrived. This I take to be normal. One shed its leaves early, and just this week came alive again. Its bright green leaves are catching the evening sun today. The tree next to it dropped blazing red leaves in three windy weeks in early January. Even so, you can see its buds starting to form this first day of March. To the other side, the tree that dropped leaves without notice in late December has bulbous spongy growth at the tip of each branch.

Then we come to the oddball. As spring springs into action all around, this stubborn plant has yet to drop leaves. Until today.

Then the lazy birdwatching. Its always fun to have a bird join you in birdwatching. He gets very excited about his wild counterparts. Right now there's a dusky pinkish lady cardinal in the crazy tree. She is undoubtedly confused by its behavior.

The weather is a joy right now. I would go running like I did last weekend, but my hot water has gone out for the second time this week. The office is closed, so I won't have a hot shower until Monday afternoon.

Now, I'm off to buy potatoes and pork chops, because I've denied this craving for long enough already.

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