Sunday, March 16, 2008


I've been quite busy, for quite awhile I guess. Avoiding the internet, at least. It sucks up so much of my time. I'm trying to spend more time with the bird I guess. I also had a difficult test on Friday, and baked a couple cakes for Pi Day. Fun.

I was planning a big update post, but I don't know, I'm in a bit of a mood tonight. I haven't talked to my Mom since before I left St. Joe back in December. I'm not sure if her boyfriend didn't give her my message because he doesn't like my opinion on drinking and driving and pot, or if she decided she just didn't want to say goodbye that day. Its a bit depressing either way. I guess I'm thinking more about Mom now since my birthday is this week. My first quarter century is about to close. I feel old, but also as if I haven't lived much of what I want yet. I feel like I've done so much, but it isn't worth much. Contemplating the future, bemoaning the past, the usual for me.

Eh. I think I'll start a new post.

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