Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break

Ok, so I've started 2 posts with this title, and ended up babbling about whatever for half a page. Third time is a charm?

Woohooooooo! Spring Break!

I'm driving over to see Traci & Family and hang out with them for the week. They're getting ready to move back to KS, so this will be the last time I can drive *only* 3-4 hours to see them. Also, Friday is my Bbbbirthday, so there will be fun and booze. I'm starting out right after my dental appointment tomorrow.

I'm worried about leaving Rigel this week. He needs his nails trimmed, and Michael will take him for that. My worry is that he's really flying now, so he has a little control to make turns and stuff. Will he sneak a chance to fly out the door, never to be seen again? Will he freak out and get attacked by a dog at the vet? Will he get stuck behind the fridge, or land in the kitchen sink full of knives and dirty water? Will he fly into the ceiling fan or the oscillating fan with the missing cover? The possibilities are horrifying and endless. My little cuddly wuddly guy.

Well. There goes upbeat.


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  2. Hi, we just wanted to stop by and say hello to Rigel - he is a beautiful GCC. We have a Nanday and a jenday and they are a handful. Anyways, read through your posts on Rigel and hope you have fun training him to fly!

  3. I'm going through the exact same thing with Stewie. He has about 3 full flight feathers on each side, which is more than sufficient for flying around the apartment.

    Luckily he's not a very adventurous guy. Not sure what happened in his past, but he's actually a little bit of a scaredy bird, so he hasn't tried to explore. Mostly he just flies back and forth between his cage and his stand... and away from me if he decides he doesn't want to go where I'm taking him.

    But there's soooo much more to be worried about. I have to get him in his cage every time I open the oven door, I worry that he'll get stuck behind something or fly into the window, not to mention that he poops in more places now ... ugh. ;)