Sunday, July 27, 2008

Doctor Who Summary

After I watched the episode twice (second time with subtitles), I subjected Amanda, a non-Whovian, to this brandy-induced summary of The Stolen Earth. Sobriety edits have been made*ahem*

They brought together the two spin-offs and the two previous companions and their families for this HUGE two-part season finale.

Twenty-seven planets are *whoosh* disappeared into a hidden pocket of space and time, cutoff from the doctor, so he takes donna to the Shadow Proclamation (space police), figures a bunch of stuff out in his usual way, all while the companions/torchwood are looking for him like crazy because the Daleks are attacking and the Valiant (floating cloud battleship) is down and the Earth has surrendered. Rose is back from a parallel universe but nobody knows it...*breath*

The doctor is stumped when the particle trail dries up (bee's are aliens, well, not all of them, don't be daft). The doctor giving up freaks the shit out of Donna...*breath*

(Amanda: Alcohol and SF can clearly have bad consequences)

Then everyone the doctor knows on Earth, including the former prime minister Harriet Jones (yes, we know who you are) get together and use all the cellphones in the world to transmit an amplified call into space, which the doctor picks up which launches the TARDIS into the time bubble in the Medusa Cascade.

The crazy Dalek Caan is babblingand tells us: "the threefold man is coming, the darkness is coming" and "the most faithful companion will die."

Then everyone converges on the TARDIS, The Doctor sees Rose *blub*, runs to her, and gets shot by a hidden Dalek. So he's dying and they take him to the ship, where he starts to regenerate, Sarah Jane is ambushed, and roll credits.


And WTH? The Doctor is still David Tennant in the next week previews, even though we JUST saw him regenerating, which means a new actor should play him.


Also, I know I can't turn John Barrowman straight, but I would love the chance to try...

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