Monday, October 30, 2006

94 !!!

My teacher scared me at the beginning of class tonight, because the disk I used to turn in my last assignement wouldn't work.

Dammit! I thought I was through with that thing!! Argh!

So she had me email her a copy to grade tonight. I didn't expect it back until maybe tomorrow, but I just got the reply. She only found 3 mistakes. One comma error, how the fuck did I miss that? One place where I guess I should have used his or her instead of their. I respectfully disagree....
And one period at the end of an entry, even though the book clearly shows no period after a webpage. If I pointed it out, she would correct the grade, but I figure its no big deal since I got a good grade.

Woohoo me! Much better than the 70 on the first paper!

Thank you Microsoft Word

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