Saturday, October 7, 2006


So about that annotated bibliography, I'm not in the mood, okay. I decided I'm not doing any more homework until I clear the disaster area that my office has become. I don't even know where to stack things anymore. I have to move my printer to a more stable spot. I cannot work in here, and I'm tired of doing my work on my couch (coutch? why does neither one look right? why am I not going to look it up?) because it hurts my wrist to use the mouse from that angle.

Also, I'm still kinda annoyed about this iPod thing. Someone please help, before I pull my ears off from the frustration.

Greetings to Wade, new subscriber, who I do not know.
What possibly drew you to my humble bloggy?
Probably my excessive, yet classy, use of oversized smileys and profanity.

***Update*** I figured it out, but its even more frakkin annoying. The iPod plays in the exact order you originally added to the playlist. But iTunes doesn't ever show them in that order, so it was confusing, and I can't add something to the middle of a playlist later. Mother. Fucker.

***Update2*** RTFM Again

To reorder songs manually, select the playlist you want to reorder, then drag the song titles into the order you want to hear them. If you can't drag a song, click the column heading with the numbers to sort the playlist by play order.You can't reorder songs if they're sorted by one of the other headings, or if shuffle is turned on.
Also, my bloody ears are now sitting on the desk, so I won't be needing the iPoop after all.


  1. Hey Relic,
    I got all geeked up after the BSG season premier last night and manically browsed every site I could find! I stumbled across your profile and I enjoyed your blog, most notibly the classy, yet profane, smilies! Thanks for the greeting.


    Posted by Wade on October 7, 2006 - Saturday at 9:33 PM

  2. I still say dragging and dropping the songs in the order you want SHOULD work. Still stupid that the options are very limited. I didn't find my IPOD, but I found cables for it :)

    So how was the BBQ?

    Posted by Sarah on October 7, 2006 - Saturday at 9:41 P