Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's Raining!


It just started raining. I've had the sliding door open all day, and just now every one of my neighbors' dogs started barking LIKE THE SKY HAD DEEPLY OFFENDED THEM.

I put on some tangerine lip gloss and answered the door...


  1. I know how you feel - I really do love the rain. Good thing, I guess since I lve in Oregon ;) It's been a long, hot, summer here and I have been eagerly awaiting the rainy season... any day now...

    Posted by Robert on October 14, 2006 - Saturday at 3:31 PM

  2. We hardly ever get rain here, and its already stopped. Looks like all we're going to get today is a light sprinkle.

    Posted by MaterRelic on October 14, 2006 - Saturday at 3:39 PM