Friday, October 20, 2006

In response to Chloe:

Is Goonies the one with the big dog? I dunno, I'm a complete outcast on 'classic' movies like that.

I've had volunteer work that made me feel bad, especially visiting old people, especially vets, especially during the holidays. But some makes me feel good, like tutoring kids, which is weird, because I despise other people's offspring.

I hate dogs. Destructive disgusting beasts.
Also hate cats. Evil disgusting beasts.

When I eventually live a settled life, I want to get an African Gray Parrot.

I was at a public bathroom an hour ago that smelled like maybe the sanitary napkin trash hadn't been taken out. Rotten un-ladylike odor...

I've only eaten (i originally typed eated) Thai food twice, because even the 'not spicy' food burns my tongue off.

Random, completely unrelated information:
I didn't eat any lunch today, but I did take a lunch break.
My arms hurt.
I have 3 homework assignments due on Monday, and 2 due on Tuesday.
Today is Sci-Fi Friday.
Micheal and I are looking for an apartment to move into in December.
Ants. Fucking Ants.
There are no curry restaurants in San Angelo.
Scratch- There are no good restaurants in San Angelo.

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