Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Movie Reviews

We saw The Happening last week. It was enjoyable, with appropriate amounts of gore and "holy shit no way!" moments. It was bad, but that's because I think it was supposed to be corny bad. The male lead acted, or not, I'm not sure. It would have been scarier without the "suspense music," although Amanda still jumped. Hehehehe. The premise was intriguing, but towards the end I was trying not to yell at the screen, because it was absurd.

I shall summarize Wanted, with spoilers:
Wes has boring cubicle life, unaware that he is meant for greater things (sound familiar?).
"Saved" and recruited into secret society by beautiful woman.
Wes becomes sexy killing machine after being beat the shit out of in creative ways.
Predictable spoiler ---->>>"LukeWesley, I am your father."
Wes destroys corrupt organization.

Amanda didn't like the part with the rats, I may be partially responsible for that.

I'm going with Mom to see Horton Hears a Who at the $2 theater today.

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